Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

If you want a career in business, our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program allows you to tailor your degree to meet your personal career goals. In your first two years, you’ll receive a solid foundation in the functional areas of business along with knowledge of the Canadian and global business environment through a core set of courses. In your final two years, you’ll prepare to meet your professional goals by having the option to focus on one of 10 areas of concentration.

This program combines case studies, experiential learning, small classroom lectures, group projects and independent work. The program will help you develop key business skills that are in high demand from employers. These include oral and written communications, ethical reasoning, quantitative literacy, problem-solving skills and more.

This program has limited enrollment and has a co-op option which gives students 12 months of work experience.

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Available entry pointsSeptember (Fall term)
Study optionsOn-campus
Duration of the program4 years non-co-op; 4.5 years co-op
Co-op available?Yes, optional 12 months of co-op experience
International exchange available?Yes

In today’s business world, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. Having an outstanding education is just the start. Our learning environment extends beyond the classroom to provide you with every opportunity to build your skills and experiences so that you can stand out from the crowd.

The Goodman Experience

Experience makes the difference. At Goodman, we invite you to make the most of out of your degree and chart your own path through academics, international exchange, service-learning, career development, student club leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. You will have every opportunity to have an amazing experience that will get you from campus to career.

The Goodman Experience
Requires Grade 12 coursesENG 4U, two 4U mathsENG 4U, two 4U maths
Expected cut-off*high 70slow 80s

*Admission is based on your top six 4U or 4M courses, including required subjects for the program.

For more deadline information, please contact Goodman Recruitment at

For more information on how to apply, please visit Brock University’s Admission Site.

Tuition (Domestic)
$6,089 – $8,327

Tuition (International)
$34,152 – $35,704

$8,120 – $9,540

Meal Plan
$5,125 – $5,450

$1,500 – $3,000

Please visit for the most up-to-date information.
*Fees are subject to change.

All applicants are automatically considered for any available scholarships at the time of their application.

The OneApp
One application — hundreds of awards and bursaries. Awards are valued up to $20,000 and are based on varying criteria, including academic performance. Bursaries with a value of up to $3,000 are available, based on financial need. Complete our OneApp as early as possible to maximize your earning potential.

Brock Leaders Citizenship Award $8,000 ($2,000/yr)
We’re looking for leaders. If you’ve achieved exceptional academic success in
addition to demonstrating outstanding leadership and community involvement,
we want you as part of the Brock Leaders Citizenship Society. Apply for this
prestigious award: TBA

International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholars Award $1,000
If you’ve completed your IB program, you may receive an automatic recognition award of $1,000, in addition to any other awards that you qualify for.

Specialist High Skills Major Award $500
Finishing a Specialist High Skills Major program? Graduates entering Brock with
an admission average of 80 per cent or higher will automatically be awarded a
$500 scholarship.

Goodman Scholarship $8,000 ($2,000/yr)
The Goodman Scholarship Program is exclusive to the Goodman School of Business. Students must demonstrate at least two of the following:

  • Leadership in university and community life or evidence of entrepreneurial talent
  • Exceptionally high academic grades
  • Financial need
    Apply via OneApp

Transfer Scholars Award
Transfer Scholars Awards are available for Ontario college graduates with an
average of at least 85 per cent and 4.5 or less transfer credits. Please visit for more information.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
OSAP provides eligible Ontario students with financial aid to help pay for
education-related costs such as tuition, books, living costs and transportation.
Students and families earning less than $140,000 can also benefit from
generous grants and loans. Visit for more information.

Please visit for the most up-to-date information.

In your first two years, you’ll take a core set of courses to build a solid foundation in the functional areas of business along with knowledge of the Canadian and global business environment. Beginning in your third year, you will have the option of declaring a concentration to specialize your degree.

Whether you choose to focus on a specific business discipline, or want to combine various areas of study, you can build a BBA degree that will match your career goals. In your final two years, you’ll have the option to focus on one of 10 areas of concentration.

Accounting: Provides you with knowledge of business and management, as well as technical accounting skills to help make decisions about business activities. 

Entrepreneurship: provides you with the skills to start your own business or work in the small business and non-profit firms. 

Finance: provides you with the knowledge of all aspects of money management including investment collection, disbursement, borrowing and fund-raising. 

General Management: management is responsible for achieving organizational goals by planning, leading and controlling activities and staffing. 

Human Resource Management: provides you the most effective methods of managing people for the present and the future.  

Information Systems: provides the skills needed to analyze business processes and identify ways to improve those processes through innovative application of information technologies.  

International Business: provides you with the cultural, political, economic, and linguistic background needed to work effectively in a variety of global environments. 

Marketing: provides the skills to perform a variety of essential strategic business activities including product development, distribution, pricing, sales, and advertising.  

Operations Management: knowledge and skill required to perform the processes that transform or convert inputs of materials, energy, information and human skills into goods and services that satisfy customer needs. 

Public Administration: prepares you for working in public institutions, managing people in the public sector and government and business operations. 

* The BBA program (Accounting concentration) provides a broader managerial degree with a more limited focus in accounting. The BBA program meets some, but not all, CPA requirements. The BAcc program is designed for students intending to pursue a professional accounting designation and includes all university courses required by CPA Ontario (Chartered Professional Accountants).

The BBA Co-op (Honours) program combines academic and work terms over 4.5 years. You will spend two years in an academic setting studying the functional areas of business as well as the Canadian and global business environments before your first co-op work term. The exposure to courses in the core areas of business provides the necessary academic background and valuable work experience.

Experiential Education in the Goodman School of Business at Brock is project based where students work as “consultants” to community partner(s) within the framework of their academic courses. This is not a “co-op” or “placement” as in the traditional experiential learning models, but rather a teaching-learning strategy that connects classroom theory to challenges experienced in the business world. We focus on deliverables. Whether you are running a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign or developing social media strategies for a partner organization , you will have helped build a tangible result that our organization partners need to grow their businesses and serve the community. These projects will also help to round out your resume, setting you apart from the competition in your job search.

Today’s employers are looking for individuals who have a global perspective and cultural sensitivity. At Goodman, we offer international programs as an extension of in-class learning and to encourage personal development.

There is a $500 award available from Goodman per semester to students on exchange. Students on exchange can continue to receive all student funding.





$500 Award


You need to be career ready when you finish your BBA. At Goodman, we have a team of career experts, ready to help you land the career of your dreams.


  • Comprehensive resumé and cover letter review
  • LinkedIn profile review
  • Industry-specific mock interviews
  • Career consulting and coaching
  • Employer information sessions
  • Innovative networking events
  • Designation specific sessions

Goodman alumni have access to CareerZone indefinitely upon graduation and exclusive opportunities will also be shared with alumni in the Goodman Alumni Network on LinkedIn. Other services such as employment documents review, career consulting and mock interviews will be available for one year after graduation.


After you complete your studies at Goodman, you may choose to pursue professional designations. These designations demonstrate commitment and achievement within a variety of industries in business including accounting, finance, human resources, sales and many more.  

The Goodman School of Business is accredited by a number of organizations which provide pathways leading to the following designations:

The BBA and MBA programs at the Goodman School of Business are NCMA Nationally Accredited Programs by CIM | Chartered Managers Canada. As a result, Goodman students are entitled to free associate membership. Navigate to and fill in your information and have immediate access to all association benefits.

Programs at the Goodman School of Business may also help prepare you for the following designations or certifications. If you are interested in any of the following, please check directly with the granting organization for more information.





Human Resources:


Information Systems/Business Analytics:





Sample Schedule

BBA Sample Schedule Program Guide

Sample Schedule

Accelerated MBA

You could be exempted from up to 10 core courses if you have recent prior academic strength in a course with a similar curriculum. All advanced standing is available on a course-by-course basis. If you are awarded full advanced standing, you can complete your MBA in as little as eight months studying full-time. Part-time students are also eligible for advanced standing. Advanced standing is only available for applicants who have graduated from a Canadian or American university within the last seven years.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science Data Sciences and Analytics Program

The Goodman School of Business has collaborated with the Faculty of Mathematics and Science by offering courses toward the Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences and Analytics program. It is one of only two BSc programs in Canada combining financial analytics with computational data science. The program bridges the gap between computational data sciences and business analytics by forming well-rounded graduates with strong core knowledge and skills in programming for big data, data infrastructures, computational statistics, data mining, business analytics, and management of information systems. Information on this BSc program can be found within the Faculty of Mathematics and Science