How to get CPA Designation

The Goodman School of Business provides one of the fastest tracks to the CPA designation. When you take the Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) and Master of Accountancy (MAcc) programs, you’ll learn everything you need to successfully complete the Common Final Exam (CFE).

If you complete the BAcc program, you have two options:
Option 1: Apply to the Goodman MAcc program, which would only take seven months to complete and covers the six CPA preparatory courses.
Option 2: Enter the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) with advanced standing. The CPA PEP is only offered on a part-time basis and may take up to two years to complete.

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Future Students

Goodman provides one of the fastest tracks to the CPA designation. By facilitating personal growth and the ability to adapt and respond to a complex and changing environment, the Goodman programs help you acquire advanced knowledge in accounting and related aspects of business.

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Alumni Success Stories

Andrew Filinski Headshot

“Heading into my first year I had a goal of attaining a public accounting co-op position, and 5 years later I’m still with the same firm I was originally placed with. The in-depth focus on accounting at Brock allowed me to establish a high level of foundational and in-depth knowledge that greatly contributed to succeeding on the CPA 2021 Common Final Exam, finishing in the top 1 per cent in the country, and attaining my CPA designation.”

Andrew Filinski (BAcc ’20)

Sr. Accountant, Grant Thornton