Published Papers


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Thought Leaders Papers


Associate Professor Robert Steinbauer and Anh Mai To (MEd ’20) worked out of Goodman’s CPA Ontario Center for Public Policy and Innovation in Accounting. Steinbauer’s project, which developed real-life ethical scenarios through virtual reality, used his VR program to teach — and test — how business students’ make on-the-job ethical decisions.

Steinbauer’s virtual reality program recreates the office of a car manufacturer struggling to transition over to electric car production. With their headsets, users walk around the building, overhear a water-cooler conversation between employees and a phone call between the CEO and COO, and watch a video advertisement for the company. In the end, participants have to decide whether to risk the lives of their customers or save the organization millions. Steinbauer and To placed research participants into either a text, video, or virtual reality format to engage them with the scenarios.

One of the study’s major results is that, compared to the text and video groups, participants who underwent the virtual reality scenarios were more likely to risk the lives of their customers, says Steinbauer. “While this sounds terrible, it unfortunately reflects what employees in similar situations would do,” he says.

Virtual Morality Report

Working Papers

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