Brock University

CIMEE’s “Leading the Way – Management Development Program” is designed for Brock employees in supervisory and management roles.

Brock Staff Development Program (Leading the Way – Management Development Program)

This program is a collaboration of the Brock Human Resources department and The Centre for Innovation, Management and Enterprise Education (CIMEE)

The focus will be on key areas of modern management in today’s work environment and consist of nine half-day workshops plus one follow-up session. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive the Leading the Way – Management Development Certificate granted by the Goodman School of Business.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete a self-assessment using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Know how to develop personal leadership skills
  • Work with employees to increase their awareness and capacity for self-discovery and motivate them to begin a process of continuous learning and development
  • Organize and direct the change management process and know how to lead change within your organization
  • Develop a process for effective delegation in the workplace and evaluate the merits of delegation as a leadership tool;
  • Move your team from a group of individuals to a high functioning team;
  • Manage effectively in a mature union environment;
  • Understand financial management and budgeting techniques as practices in today’s business environments;
  • Create an action plan for ongoing leadership development.