Niagara’s young entrepreneurs cohorts

Meet the cohorts of Niagara’s young entrepreneurs participating in the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program at BioLinc at Brock University.

Meet the 2018-2019 cohort of Niagara’s young entrepreneurs participating in the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program at BioLinc at Brock University.

Arijit is the digital coordinator at B&M Agency, a Canada based sports marketing agency.

Arjun is the founder of Dost, a social media platform intended to connect random users around the world.

Bailey is the founder of Stocked Cellars, an E-commerce platform focused on providing the shopper with more than just a place to buy wine.

Barbara is in the process of launching a human resources consultation firm by May 2019.

Carlos is the founder of “Fare Well Flag” a tangible way to keep memories you experience from a round the world.

Chahat is looking to develop an AirBnB style car rental app.

Dakota is working on a piece of wearable technology that will store kinetic energy which cane used to power devices such as cellphones and tablets.

Dalal is currently in the process of developing a few online businesses .

Daniel is the creator of DGApps, digital cost effective solutions for individuals and businesses.

Daniel has developed a Canadian made mattress company that specializes in customization.

Eiraj is working on an app that will provide a simple description of laws in the area the user is located.

Eric Is looking to start a cannabis production company.

Gabriel is part of a group of entrepreneurs that has developed an events promotion app called LinkUp.

Hamza is planning to open a second hand store thats is focused on providing the best value rather than the lowest rice tag.

Harsh is part of a group in the process of creating an event promotion app.

Ifran is developing a drone that clips onto your smartphone to help create a handsfree experience.

Jay is developing his skills as an entrepreneur to compliment the skills he has developed working at Sephora.

Helen is working on her entrepreneurship skills to help her in her public relations position at CanLingua.

Karanpreet is working with a group of student entrepreneurs to develop an events promotion app.

Matt is working with another entrepreneur to develop a wearable technology that will store kinetic energy to be used for power to do things such as charge phones.

Matthew is working to genetically modify certain enzymes that will eat plastic and help eliminate plastic waste from the ocean

Matthew is in the process of developing an app that will connect people with different services they may require.

Mitchell is developing fishing equipment using 3-D printing methods.

Mohammed is working on launching a logistics company.

Muhammad is developing a consulting business aimed at helping companies improve their cyber security.

Nicholas is the owner and operator of “Tree Wise Man” a landscaping company stationed in the Waterloo region.

Noyan is launching a business development firm focused on all areas of business.

O’Beron is the founder of  “10 Second Creative”, a digital marketing and development company.

Param Is part of a group of entrepreneurs who have created an events promotion app Cale “LinkUp”.

Ryan is a co-founder of “Heads Up”, a social enterprise aimed at raising money for concussion research.

Sadoon is the creator of “Bin-Grabber”, a product designed to prevent garbage and recycling bins from blowing away.

Sai Manoj is the founder of a consulting firm aimed at helping start up businesses get off the ground.

Sharon is the founder of Intuitive Shipping an advanced shipping calculation software that puts the control of shipping calculations where they belong – in the merchant’s hands.

Gill is in the process of launching an e-commerce store aimed at selling various items to professionals.

Syed is creating a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform which will be a marketplace for students to buy, sell or rent used books, second-hand gadgets such as scientific calculators, mobile phones, laptops, bags, etc.

Tanvi is developing her own makeup brand and looking to market it through social media influencers.

Tefari is the founder of JobPrep, a growth-focused digital advertising company.

Tirth is the founder of “NetWork”, a social media platform aimed to help artists and designers get their work into the eyes of potential collaborators or clients.

Vlad’s goal is to open up a marketing agency. A firm that offers small and medium sized firm the value that they can’t afford to pay the big firms.

Yufei has founded a company focused on importing and exporting railway equipment from China.

Meet the 2017-2018 cohort of Niagara’s young entrepreneurs participating in the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program at BioLinc at Brock University.

Domenic has an idea to create a web-based company that will be providing custom doors in a wide range of styles and designs for customers to order.

Adrien is developing an app that provides services and support to help grow small businesses.

Edward is designing and 3D printing medical models for surgical practice.

Baiyu is working with his team on a gaming statistics website that will help gamers to improve their gaming experience by providing deep game data analysis.

Bailey has a Digital Marketing firm that specializes in 5 specific areas: Social Media Management, Paid Media, Email Marketing, Advanced Analytics and Digital Consulting.

Devon is working to develop an augmented reality software solutions for those with specific physical impairments to promote health and rehabilitation.

Mel wants to create Augmented Reality educational products for educators from grades 4-12. Helping students utilize the technology they have in their pockets to have a far greater positive impact on their learning.

Daniel’s company provides Software Development & Computer Design, focusing on App and gaming development, 3D modeling, and video & image editing.

Jaspreet is launching a company to help students get employed after post secondary education.

Jawad is working to provide a service that will allow businesses to recruit contracted student employees to benefit the productivity of their company.

Shane’s business is a non-traditional event based promotions company. We will bring non-typical or unique activities and events to Brock University for students to engage and connect with each other.

William will be working with established businesses and will offer to create or update their websites to current mobile device standards as well as help them establish their social media presence.

Chenyi is developing a web-platform and an App for travelers and local residents to communicate tour information or travel plans for other travelers and/or locals to join.

Chris is working on a dating app where the you have a unique first interaction with a potential mate.

Brielle would like to start her own music studio.

Matthew is working to create an apparel and novelty items company.

Justin is launching a fund to offer investment grants for high school students and youth that would like to gain experiential entrepreneurial experience.

Kenneth is launching a company focusing on meme-inspired apparel and accessories that utilizes drop shipping services

Taiana is working to develop a marketplace that provides a web-platform to buy and sell homemade food; with a focus on food for kids’ parties.

Oveesh is working on an educational app geared towards assisting post-secondary students. The app provides a number of features that collaboratively lessen the load on students during exam periods.

Ali has an Information Technology company that specializes in development services of websites, apps, games, augmented and virtual reality content.

Ahmed is working to create his own e-liquids but in a new harm-reducing way.

Chance has a business idea for a creative company. A multidisciplinary creative platform that is dedicated to improving the quality of life using thoughtful design and open source collaborations.

Dusin is developing a 360 event videography company that can be transferred into virtual reality for viewing in real time and at a later date.

Julia will be working to hold events such as art exhibits or showcases within Brock University that will allow students to receive opportunity and experience in their craft.

Yashvi is building a marketing and advertising agency that offers digital services such as photography, videography and web designing services to smaller companies to help create a stronger credibility for the company.

Eric wants open a Chinese grocery store to serve the Asian communities living in the Niagara Region.

Carl is working towards designing, building, and operating a fleet of large autonomous electric aircrafts.

Sarandaz is working to develop an online platform for university students to access the electronic version of required textbooks by paying a monthly subscription fee.

Corrado will be working to reinvent a mentoring platform.

Jingyi is creating company that provides a personalized custom experience, learning opportunity for people travelling to China according to customers’ needs.

Amritpal is working to build a website to provide essential information about the various Crypto currency technologies, platforms, methods of function, blockChains,  Ico’s, exchanges, government policies, banking regulations. All at one place orientated to the Canadian Consumer.

Stephen is working to commercialize Chinese tea products; starting with tea and then expand to other tea products.

Ryan is working to create a social purpose business that focuses on providing consumers with a service that allows them to support concussion awareness in sports.

Creating and developing a machine that can translate gravitational energy into usable, and sustainable energy.

Shavon’s company will provide networking opportunities, exposure, and a platform on which to collaborate with other talented individuals across multiple media skill sets.

Kris has a business idea to offer a power-sports program on an annual subscription basis.

Anna is developing an application that allows an easier and funner way to search for jobs.

Meet the 2016-2017 cohort of Niagara’s young entrepreneurs participating in the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program at BioLinc at Brock University.

Mahamat is implementing his “fitness4change” idea into his existing fitness club.

Iraj and his team MKA Research Inc plan to create a product to increase cognitive function.

Deepak has designed a soil-less cultivation system.

Neil is wanting to start his own resilience centre.

Lukas is looking to provide his own line of exercise and meditation sessions.

Moritz has designed “Fernisha” an online marketing platform for selling items between students.

Ryder is developing an app called “room8”.

Oliver is creating an online fitness tracking system to collaborate between trainer and client.

Jomar is starting a business with VR and AR visualizations.

Holly hopes to start her own location based photography company.

Mel has started a company called “foodporter”. An online platform to connect nearby buyers and growers of local food. Helping to expand easy access to local food for everyone. Visit

Mohamad is looking to tackle the issue of wasted energy used by refrigeration units.

Colin is looking to develop an energy boosting gum.

Shane’s business idea is a mobile app that will help connect people in a local area that share similar interests.

John wishes to start an international student exchange facilitation.

John wishes to start an international student exchange facilitation.

Koah is working to create the end-all-be-all of academic applications.

Ahmed plans to create caffiene products that can be consumed by everyone.

Sunny is establishing a rental property business called Cassle.

Danny has started a prototyping company specializing in 3D printing.

Ishan is looking to develop AR/VR educational apps and videos.

Ishan is looking to develop AR/VR educational apps and videos.

Trish operates a women’s business & networking club for local Niagara mom entrepreneurs.

Adam has a company called “Hyfer Technologies”.

Ja’mill is hoping to personalize the experience of trailmix.

Aadi currently operates Bubble Soccer Bash.

Jake is a freelance graphic and web designer.

Daniel is developing a social media app called “inifinitum”.

Meet wishes to implement digital menues into the service industry.

Evan has helped create 360 Media, a video production company.

Ivor is creating an exam prep course to help students study.

Ryan is starting an athletic apparel company.

Ahmad wishes to make a greener world through environmentally friendly ways of producing energy.

Maria looks to bring motivational programming to students.

Laura is creating an app to have healthy food delivered.

Andy wishes to start his own home and lawn service.

Saddman is looking to bring attachable bidets to the Canadian market.

Kaylah is looking to start her own ethics consulting business.

Meet the 2015-2016 cohort of Niagara’s young entrepreneurs participating in the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program at BioLinc at Brock University.

Wajeeh’s business idea is a ridesharing platform called Beep-Beep that focuses on cross-city travel across Canada.

Watch Wajeeh explain the concept behind Beep-Beep.

Robert is a board member of a group that is looking to bring a North Country Professional Baseball League expansion franchise to St. Catharines.

 Cai has an idea to develop a platform that facilitates buying and selling used books.

Nirav is researching alternative methods to deliver insulin.

Marcello’s business idea is to continue as a day trader.

Jessica would like to start a business called English Accent Coach which is a web based training program that improves users English pronunciation.

Madi is pursuing an idea for a service called Campus Brainiac which helps connect students with tutors to help them succeed.

Watch Madi tell the story of Campus Brainiac.

Michael and his team have an idea of a business to help delivery groceries to students on residence.

Asad is working on a business that brings the best fitness supplementations to his customers.

Jeff is working on a business called Lost Graduate, a digital magazine and network for all the Lost Graduates out there.

Cameron is developing an app called Nasma, that will allow people looking to connect with a certified professional in their field of fitness to do workouts in the comfort of their own home or when they are short for time.

David’s company “Cuff” or “Cuff Clothing” is a unique apparel startup company currently specializing in Fall/Winter pants for men, designed to add warmth, comfort and colour to the wearer’s wardrobe throughout the colder seasons.

Adrienne is working on GetAMPED which is a team of passionate communicators, cinematographers and storytellers helping local small businesses amplify their message.

Chip plans on creating a consulting business to enhance professional development.

Jade would like to start a not-for-profit business where youth are mentored by youth and health care professionals alike about the issue of mental health.

Christopher is working on a business called Supercrush Wine Company, which is an innovative baverage and packaging company focused on canned wine.

Matthew is working on the Canadian Sport Business Network which is a non-profit organization that exists to bridge the gap between sport and business.

Bailey is working on a company called DroneHub Media. It is a business that will enhance the visual aesthetics of current video production by servicing clients using top quality drones and cameras.

 Alex has an idea for an app called ShoutOut.

Dalton is planning a crowdfunding campaign to kick-start his digital archival business which offers imaging solutions to museums and university libraries.

Camilo has an idea to help eliminate the need for meter readings to be taken on a monthly basis.

Aniqah is creating a one-day, annual social innovation competition that focuses on creating real solutions to the 8 Millennium Development Goals by the United Nations

Brian and another Brock student, Scott Owen, will be starting a business that provides IT services to small and medium enterprises that don’t require a full-time technical support staff on-site.

Kevin is working on Abrax Rehab & Training which is a personal training service geared towards athletes that focuses on physical rehabilitation and the prevention of sport injuries.

Meet the 2014-2015 cohort of Niagara’s young entrepreneurs participating in the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program at BioLinc at Brock University.

Annuschka Bork is a computer science student at Brock University. She and her team are developing an educational tablet application for children.

Huzaifa Faizan is a Brock student with an interest in fashion. He hopes to start a fashion business selling all sorts of fashion accessories.

Ian Farr is a third you business student at Brock University. With his partner Sultana Naimi, Ian is creating an application called Incounter. Incounter is an app created to help people meet at networking events.

Reece Fisher has a passion for filmmaking which lead him to create his company, Instillment Productions, which specializes in films for professional clients.

Ethan Foy is a biology student at Brock University. Along with his studies, Ethan is the founder of InnovatorX, a service which connects entrepreneurs allowing them to create effect startup teams.

Madi Fuller is a Brock Student and a co-founder of Cross Border Housing. Cross Border Housing is a company which aims to help ease the transition for international students by helping them find a good place to live before they move to Canada to attend school.

Joshua Giancola plans to leverage students and their skills to help SMEs receive quality help at a lower cost than hiring and employee or consultant.

Mohamad Hamade is a student with a passion for entrepreneurship. He is a member of the Brock entrepreneurship club and is currently on the look out for his next venture.

Mohamad Hamade is a student with a passion for entrepreneurship. He is a member of the Brock entrepreneurship club and is currently on the look out for his next venture.

John is a business student at Brock and also the president of the Finance Club. He is currently working on his business SmartPay, which aims to help international students save money by lowering their currency exchange rates.

Carlin Jessop hopes to help children achieve their goals and dreams by providing them with direction through a combination of in-person and online resources.

Cherry Kuai and her team developed a product to replace conventional pesticides. The product promises to be cleaner and safer for the environment than current options.

Chris Jia is a business student at Brock with an interest in web development. This interest has led Chris to create Hero Bootcamp, a company that teaches coding to non-technicals in the Niagara Region.

Nancy Lan is a graduate from the MBA program at the Goodman School of Business. Along with her studies, she is the founder of IoBras, a company which performs 3D scans of women and builds them a personalized bra with a perfect fit.

Selena Liu is a Brock student with an idea for an innovative hair brush.

 Rebecca Morkunas is working with John Raimondo to provide educational services.

Alex Mohr is a Brock Student and a co-founder of Cross Border Housing. Cross Border Housing is a company which aims to help ease the transition for international students by helping them find a good place to live before they move to Canada to attend school.

Sultana Naimi is in her final year at Brock University where she is the current president of the Marketing Club. Sultana is working with Ian Farr to create Incounter, an app designed to help professionals meet at networking events.

Bawe Nsame is a Brock student and the founder of JNF. JNF is a not-for-profit which teaches values and life skills to the youth of Bawe’s home country Cameroon.

Harrison is a Brock student and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of a landscaping company as well as the co-founder of Cross Border Housing which wants to help international students find a place to live when they make their move to Canada.

Colton Proveau is a student and co-founder of Brother’s Brewery. Alongside his twin brother, Asa, Colton makes craft beer in the Niagara Region.

Shawn Quart is the founder of TributeTree, a company with the goal of helping plan all aspects of funerals for those who have recently lost a loved one.

Kyle Rose is a Brock student and the president of the Brock University Students Union. He is also the founder of Golden Rose Enterprises which is a company that hires students to clean windows and solar panels.

Abbey Stansfield is a Brock student and the Founder of Modern Memory. Modern Memory aims to professionally archive your personal belongings so they can be appreciated for generations to come.

Arvinder Singh is a Brock student with a very unique business idea. With his team, Arvinder has developed a product which allows for hallucinations without the need for drugs.

Aimee Wesson is a Brock student who is passionate about horses. She hopes to breed horses for high-level competitions.