Goodman Lemonade

What is Goodman Lemonade?

Run by Goodman group – Venture Development, the Goodman Student Engagement Office and in partnership with the Brock Innovation Group, Goodman Lemonade leads a Grade 4 class through the process of building a for-profit business. Each year one Grade 4 class from the Niagara Region is selected to be the participating class for Goodman Lemonade.

How does it work?

Goodman Group – Venture Development and its partners work with the Grade 4 class and teach them the process of building a for-profit business. The class is divided into teams and with a maximum budget provided by the Goodman School of Business, the young students spend a few weeks carefully crafting their business strategies and making decisions on everything from the type of lemonade being served to the garnishes and colourful decorations adjourning their stands. The class then comes to Brock University, sets up their lemonade stands and sells their lemonade in a one-day sale. The team that makes the highest profits will choose how the class will spend the teams’ collective profits.