Venture Development

Venture Development integrates experiential entrepreneurship, university expertise and community resources to provide support to Brock and Niagara’s innovators who are establishing new ventures. Venture Development helps transform today’s leading-edge ideas and opportunities into tomorrow’s robust businesses by providing student entrepreneurs, alumni, researchers and private sector companies with a forum to connect, collaborate and commercialize concepts.

Venture Development is located in the Brock LINC within the Rankin Family Pavilion on the University’s main campus. Venture Development has the capacity to nurture multiple companies, projects, researchers, students and entrepreneurs from across the Niagara Region.

Venture Development’s location in the Rankin Family Pavilion is a strategic decision designed to promote, create and support collaboration among the residents and some of Canada’s leading innovative thought leaders. Collaborative teams of Brock’s faculty, researchers, staff, students and alumni, plus representatives from private industry are available to support and work with residents to accelerate the launch of their new technology-focused ventures.

Venture Development is committed to providing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs with high quality advice, exceptional service and innovative solutions based on a thorough understanding of their business idea and objectives. Our approach to taking your business idea to the next level begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses your needs.


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Venture Development