Companies growing at Venture Development have launched their business ventures and some are using the LINC Lab facilities available at Venture Development. We help businesses from all different fields thrive in the early stages of their company’s life by providing them with private and shared office suites, wet lab space in our ‘LINC Labs’, shared collaborative space, meeting rooms and lab equipment, business counselling and training and networking opportunities. Assisting these companies during their start-up phase helps drastically reduce the potential for failure, and helps build a stronger foundation for company growth.

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ColdBlock Technologies Inc.

ColdBlock Digestion is a new and innovative sample digestion technology using focused short-wave infra-red radiation to primarily energize sample particles and a cooling block to create a condensation effect. This unique method rapidly dissolves solid matter into a solution for instrumental multi-element analysis.

ColdBlock Digestion quick facts:

  1. Excellent recovery and reproducibility of elements across an array of precious and base metals including the complete recovery of chromium in less than 15 minutes.
  2. Very rapid digestions to benefit mining operations and laboratories through increased productivity gains by shortening digestion time and accelerating sample throughput.
  3. Superior safety by eliminating the need for perchloric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

Contact us by email at
Skype at coldblock.technologies
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1931057 Ontario Inc. – Destiny Copper

Destiny Copper matches innovative proprietary hydrometallurgical copper making processes to smaller copper resources overlooked by traditional copper producers to become a substantial low cost producer of copper.

The proprietary copper making technology is based on the following principles:

  • At mine, low cost copper production
  • Process stranded and marginal copper resources not considered viable for conventional technologies
  • Not dependant on local infrastructure
  • Value extraction for marginal / smaller resources
  • Employ environmentally sound processes
  • Modularised production units for speedy deployment
  • Suitable for economically challenged regions, in order to create much needed local employment

1931057 Ontario Inc. (Destiny Copper) will be using the LINC Labs and shared office space at Venture Development. For more information about Destiny Resources, please visit:

Dave Cousins

Greg Hanna

Exact Delivery Inc.

Exact Delivery is currently working with Dr. Thad Harroun, an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at Brock University. Dr.Harroun’s research at Brock focuses on the biophysics of lipid-peptide interactions. Dr. Harroun is an advisor and Technical Director for Exact Delivery Inc, and also is a mentor to Drew.

Drew is currently a PhD candidate in Physics at Brock University.  He is working towards putting a new oral hygiene product on drugstore shelves with help from the W. Garfield Weston Foundation. Drew has also received funding from Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Smart Start, and private investment to match the OCE Smart Start funding. Drew started Exact Delivery in 2012 and is looking to improve existing technologies and processes in the health and wellness industry.

Exact Delivery will be using the LINC Labs and shared office space at Venture Development.

Drew Marquardt, President

Whiting Equipment Canada

In April 2014, Whiting Equipment Canada took residency at Venture Development as a Collaborator. Whiting is a diversified designer and manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment with expertise in chemical processing, heavy and light rail maintenance, metallurgical equipment, materials handling and equipment services. Venture Development will provide Whiting with use of laboratory and office space. Whiting will be using the LINC Lab facilities at Brock University for bench scale, glassware tests to determine solubility, crystallization habit and physical property data of inorganic chemical solutions.

The collaboration with Venture Development and Whiting will allow the introduction of process engineering capability, mentoring, and advisory services to Brock University through Goodman Group Venture Development.