Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Seminar

The research is clear—leaders who have higher levels of emotional intelligence create positive work environments, generate higher levels of employee engagement, deliver higher performance, and most importantly in the COVID times, manage change better. Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Seminar is designed to help maximize soft skills within a hard business context to create a more reflective approach; one driving understanding and responsiveness that will help ease team anxiety and stress.

Program Details

  • Facilitated online sessions
  • Valuable to professionals who want to better understand and influence others or who wish to broaden their self-awareness.
  • Group pricing and alumni discount are available.
  • Funding available to cover up to 80% of program fees – conditions apply
  • Contact us to know more

Certified Instructor: Lesley Calvin, EQ-i MBTI

Next cohort: TBD

  • Learn how to build more productive relationships.
  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.
  • Gain insight into the what and how of emotional intelligence.
  • Explore how compassion coupled with competence builds trust.
  • Leverage shared purpose/cause and vision to help a team succeed.
  • Provide opportunities through individual exploration to further develop facets of emotional intelligence in leadership development.

Lesley Calvin
Lesley Calvin is a Leadership Development Consultant, Coach, and Trainer. She is one of few Leadership Development Master Practitioners with the expertise and certification to administer and facilitate methodologies recognized by Forbes in their top 10 EQ calculations for Professionals/Leaders.

As a former Higher Education Administrator and Leader of People and Departments, Ms. Calvin has dedicated almost two decades in her career, to the personal, professional, and leadership development of individuals and organizations. Adhering to the mission of furthering a compassionate workplace, she addresses the ultimate triple bottom line (Personal, Interpersonal, and Professional success) and demonstrates how to increase buy-in, and drive results.

With her unique and specialized approach, Lesley works with individuals and teams to identify strengths, triggers, and development areas, to deliver elevated results, fuel positivity, and foster engagement.