Report on the 9th Brock Go Tournament

This year we had the strongest player field so far. Among the 28 players were three 7 Dan, one 6 Dan, seven 5 Dan, one 4 Dan plus lower Dan players.

After four rounds of play we determined winners to 5 groups:

Place Group 'Open' Group A Group B Group C Group D
1 Tony Zhao 6D (now 7D) Sen Zhang 5D Nicholas Prince 2D Musa Al-Hassy 6K Jacqueline Mackenzie 10K
2 Juhyung Yoon  7D James Sedgwick 5D Daniel Im 2D Matt Sim 4K Jinyi Huang 9K
3 Wei Qiu 7D Rachel Lin 3D

Like last year we had Gansheng Shi 1P attending and commenting on player's games who made good use of this service.

As a novelty this year we not only had a menu for warm Chinese food but also warm Vietnamese food to choose from.

Like last year we were able to support drivers coming to St Catharines, one car even came from Barrie (200km)!

All this became possible through the generous financial support from the Brock Confucius Institute and the LICALIVA International Weiqi Club Toronto through Feng Li. A big 'Thank you!' goes to both sponsors!

Thanks also go to James Sedgwick for running the pairings and bringing playing sets and clocks, to Beate Wolf for logistics support and Yali Ning for preparing a super poster.

The fourth and last game on board 1 had been recorded by Helen Chen and can be downloaded.

Pictures are here and one is here.