Report on the 3rd Brock Go Tournament

Again we were lucky and had a clear sunny Sunday with 20 players from St. Catharines, Hamilton, London and Guelph participating. On this day was also St. Patrick's Day with countless green dressed students having fun on the campus. Playing strengths were spread from 4 Dan to 20 kyu. Winner with 4 wins in this 4 round tournament were Oliver Wolf in the Dan section and Kyle Barbas in the double digit kyu section. Players with 3 wins were Daniel Zou (4k), winner of the single digit kyu section, Mark Wong (1d), Peter McMain (2k) and Michael Doyle (7k).

At the end of the day every player received a prize (books, chocolates, Go articles plus cheques for the top 2 resp. 3 players in each band). We are grateful for support from Ruth Hillman, from the Brock Student Union and the Brock Confucius Institute for covering costs of bagels, cream cheese, drinks and prizes.

Thomas Wolf
17 March 2013