Report on the 2nd Brock Go Tournament

On this sunny Sunday, 18 players from St Catharines, Rochester, Toronto, London/Ontario, Hamilton and Burlington played 4 rounds of 30 min for each player handicap games. Playing strengths were spread from 5 Dan to 20 kyu. Winner with 4 wins was Steve Colburn (4k) followed by Di Wu (5d), Andrew Zhou (4d), Mark Wong (2k), Matt Menie (5k), Tom Fraser (7k) and Richard Chan (10k) with 3 wins.

In the lunch break some of us visited the Niagara Regional Science Fair which was held this weekend at Brock University and which among 182 project had a Go project of our club member Oliver about a general type of semeai (who obtained a Bronze Medal for it in the Junior Divisional Awards).

At the end of the day every player received a prize (in total $150 and a number of other Go related prizes). We are grateful to Ruth Hillman who donated $100 towards prizes in the name of her late husband John who always was a supporter of Go, to the Brock Student Union for covering costs of bagels, cream cheese and drinks and further prizes.

Thomas Wolf
12 April 2012