4th Brock Go Tournament

The Brock Go-Club invites everyone to our third Brock Go-tournament.

When & Where:

Sunday March 30th, 2014
Brock University, St Catharines,
Plaza building, 4th floor, room 408 (building 30 on the campus map BUT beware, the new large Cairns building next to building 30 is missing on the map. The Plaza building is the one with the Brock Campus Store on the ground floor).

Event details:

Main tournament: 4 rounds, 30 min each side
In addition: self pairing 13x13 tournament


Registration: 9:00
Start 1st round: 10:00
Start 2nd round: 11:30
Lunch time break
Start 3rd round: 13:30
Start 4rd round: 15:00
Prize giving: 16:30
We are open to suggestions especially those coming from Rochester and Toronto about changes in the number of rounds and times in order not to close too late.


Please send an email to Thomas Wolf, twolf@brocku.ca
subject: 4th Brock Go tournament
content: your name, playing strength, city/club (if applicable)

Driving Directions:

On the QEW drive towards St Catharines. Shortly before St Catharines exit into Hwy 406 towards Thorold. After about 10km exit on the right into St. Davids West. At the 2nd crossing either
- turn right into Glenridge Ave, after 250m on the right enter parking lot of Niagara Peninsula Children's Centre (green sign with yellow sun drawing) for free parking (in front of building 30 on the campus map), 4 min walk), or
- go straight and then 1/2 around the circle for parking lot D on the campus map), $6 for 1 day pass and 3 min walk).


Free: bagels, cream cheese, drinks (coffee, tea, juice, pop, water)
- 3 min walk: dining hall at Brock with a wide selection of good quality warm and cold food from 8:30am - 11pm
- 5 min walk: McDonalds, Tim Hortens, Subways


The tournament is free but a donation of $5 for the purchase of equipment or the donation of a prize are appreciated.

Participating Players:

Tiger Gong (Toronto) 7d
Xiaofei Deng (Toronto) 7d
James Sedgwick (Toronto) 6d
Oliver Wolf (Brock) 5d
Harry (Toronto) 4d
John Dew (Brock) 1d
Aqi (Toronto) 1k
Peter McMain (Brock) 2k
Chris Gaudaur (Brock) 3k
David Keenan (Hamilton) 5k
Andy Begbie (Forest City Go Club, London) 4k
Liam Hinztman (Toronto) 5K
Ethan (Toronto) 5k
Tom Fraser (Brock) 6k
Michael Doyle (Forest City) 7k
Richard Chan (Brock) 9k
Justin Grossman (Brock) 10k
Ed Rogers (Hamilton) 12k
Owen Sedgwick (Toronto) 12K
Alice Sedgwick (Toronto) 15K
Gavin An (Toronto) 23K
Veronica Keras (Toronto) 28K


We will aim at having a prize for every player and cash prizes for the best three of each group. Groups will be decided when we know the number and strength of participants. We are grateful to financial support by the Brock Confuzius Institute and the Brock Student Union.