Resources for students

Brock’s Food First program is a service aimed to address the growing issues of food and health insecurity among Canadian post-secondary students. Food banks, meal programs and other resources in the Niagara community can also offer support to students in need.

How does it work?

The Food First program provides support to students in need with a digital grocery card. This service is designed to assist with food and health accessibility and is not intended to be a primary source of food for any one undergraduate or graduate student.

Students will receive an email to confirm approved requests, as well as an electronic code to access their grocery cards.

Program requests are reviewed every Monday through Wednesday between 6 and 9 p.m. Any emergency requests on Thursdays and Fridays can be directed to Brock BUSU Front Desk. The request form and emails are not monitored on weekends.

We are unable to process requests from graduate students at this time.

Brock's Food Security Program

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Community resources

Food Fed Forward

Looking for fresh locally sourced produce? Members of the Niagara community can apply to the Food Fed Forward program coordinated by Small Scale Farms. Small Scale Farms’ Food Fed Forward program allows for delivery of FREE produce delivered by volunteer drivers to community members in need. Small Scale Farms is a farm share community that gets local food on to the plates of Niagara residents. Those who can afford to pay – do. Those of you who can’t afford to pay, well, our “profits” take care of them too.


InCommunities offers support to individuals looking for a number of community services, including food banks and other food security related services.

Food Savings apps

Flipp collects all store fliers in an area and provides easy access to all deals in 1 place. Using this in combination with WalMart’s price matching policy will allow you to get all available deals in 1 location.

You can download Flipp for Android or iOS here

Flashfoods will tell you what nearby grocery stores are selling foods that are approaching their best before/expiration date and will be marked down considerably from their original price.

You can download Flashfoods here

On-line Recipe forums

If you’re looking for a community that shares cheap and healthy recipes check out the r/EatCheapandHealthy subreddit. There are recipes and tips for saving money.

Niagara Food Security Network

We are collaborating to strengthen the food security system for everyone, especially for vulnerable and at-risk individuals in Niagara.