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Releasing your debut album: Priceless Musician Chad Price (BA ’10) released his debut album In This Dream this past spring. People at Brock By Paxton Allewell (BA ’05) 16 Many of the world’s most recognizable songs have been penned in places like London, Greenwich Village or sunny California. In the near future, we may be able to add Brock University to this celebrated list. This past spring, 26-year-old singer-songwriter and Brock graduate Chad Price (BA ’10) released his debut album In This Dream. It’s a collection that has caught the attention of the music industry and has deep roots from his time at Brock. Before coming to Brock, playing guitar was just a hobby for Price. He knew he had some talent, but it wasn’t until first year, while studying communications with the goal of becoming a journalist, that his passion for music became clear. The realization came at the end of first year in his dorm room at Village Residence Court 8. “That’s when I knew I had to do something with music because it felt bigger than me,” says Price. “It was the first thing I was ever sure about in my life. That whole four years I wrote songs and most of the songs are the songs that ended up on the first album.” Like a lot of music these days, Price’s work is hard to categorize. But when pressed, he calls it “acoustic soul with elements of pop rock and a little bit of country folk.” However you define it, his music is getting noticed. Price’s first single “Another Day” has been getting regular airplay in Ontario and his song “Where the Stars Come Out” was used in TSN’s broadcast of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in April. After Brock, Price’s music career went into hyper-drive. The week after graduation, he recorded demos of five of his songs. A week later, songs in hand, he successfully reached out to Canadian producer Bill Bell through the music website MySpace. Bell, who has worked with the likes of Jason Mraz and Canadian Music Hall of Famer Tom Cochrane, enthusiastically agreed to work with Price. Before long, he was recording his album in Toronto and Los Angeles. Price signed with independent music label Attack Media Group this past January and his album In This Dream was released in March, distributed by Universal Music/Interscope. “Even though I’m not working in the field that I studied, I wouldn’t have been here or known what I would have wanted to do in life without Brock. Without that academic environment, the friends, the different location, the different energy, whatever you want to call it, I owe a lot to Brock.” Price doesn’t feel like he’s “made it” yet, but he does feel lucky for how quickly things have happened for him and he has high hopes for the future. One thing Price has learned so far about the music industry? “Expect the unexpected. You never know what’s going to be around the corner.” For more information visit: Paxton Allewell (BA ’05) is the marketing communications officer for Alumni Relations at Brock University