This September, the university environment will be changing. At Brock, we are dedicated to providing you with a safe and engaging way to experience your courses — our professors are creating courses and delivery methods to give you a truly interactive experience that focuses on connecting you to the course material, your peers and instructors.

What can students expect in September?

Connect with your classmates

Engage in active discussions with your peers and seminar or lab leaders using Forums on the SAKAI Learning Management System.

Weekly instructor supports

Supports like weekly update videos from your instructor will highlight current issues related to course content, or summarize ideas that were discussed in the forums.

New interactive assignments

This might include video and audio assignments, blogging and podcasts, virtual group presentations, and more.

What does online learning mean for my courses?

Synchronous (SYNC) courses

Some parts of the course will be in real-time — engaging in a seminar or virtual meeting, or listening to an instructor in an online lecture.

Asynchronous (ASYNC) courses

These courses do not require that you attend at a specific time, but will still have deadlines that students will need to adhere to.

Virtual office hours

There will be opportunities to meet with your professor or seminar or lab leader in virtual office hours, to discuss any questions you might have.

At Brock, we are taking real steps to ensure that you feel connected to your courses, the material and your peers. We are on this learning journey together, and we can’t wait to welcome you this fall.

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