How to Register


Before registering participants should be fully aware of the goals and requirements of the Solidarity Experiences Abroad program. Registering participants must also be fully aware of our cancellation policy. Click here for quick access.


Participants should visit the 2019 SEA registration form on Experience BU and have it completed prior to February 1st, 2019*. This does not apply to the February ARW Education & Medical trips**.

*Note (a): all of your personal information will remain confidential and will be used strictly for organizational purposes of the program. If you have a question or concerns that you would prefer to address in person, please do not hesitate to contact us.

**Note (b): the ARW Education & Medical registration will take place through Student Life’s Experience BU Form; if this is the trip of your choice please email All other SEA trip registrations are completed through the link provided in Step Two.


Once forms have been completed, the SEA manager will arrange an informal interview to take place within a week of submission.


Participants must pay their $500 deposit within one week of the informal interview. At SEA, we accept cash, cheque, or interact email transfer. We do not accept credit cards. Cheques should be issued to the order of “Solidarity Experiences Abroad”. Interact email transfer should be sent to


Participants will officially be registered and will receive an email with what their next steps are. This includes the next installment deadlines, meetings, and our mandatory pre-departure date.


Get ready for your experience abroad!

  1. DONATIONS: Participants are encouraged to gather donations to be utilized throughout our missions. Click here for donation information.
  2. TRAINING: Participants in medical/health related areas will undergo a series of training/information sessions to best prepare for their medical campaign abroad. Students in education will undergo a series of meetings to best prepare their lesson plans for their classrooms abroad.
  3. MEETINGS: Participants are encouraged to meet on a bi-weekly/monthly basis to go over trip details, expectations, fundraising, etc.

If students have questions about the registration process they should contact