SEA participants are encouraged to try and raise funds to help cover the cost of their trip. Many participants in the past have raised 100% of their fee through a variety of individual and group fundraising methods. To raise funds as a group, it’s up to your trip leaders to coordinate your fundraising activities and decide how to distribute the funds.

If you would like to raise funds as an individual, we suggest writing a personalized letter asking for support from your friends, family members, colleagues, church groups, sports teams, local organizations, etc. It is fair to ask others to also be apart of this expedition by investing in your life so you can invest in the lives of the people you reach while abroad. Our staff can provide you with some guidance on how to best make this approach.

Please note: any personal monetary donations that you receive to fund your trip cannot be tax-deducible. Also, our staff must first approve any donation letters that are being printed on a Brock letterhead.

Collecting donations — Each year, SEA participants are encouraged to collect donations to bring with them on their trip. Most airlines allow two suitcases of 50Ilbs each. It has become a tradition for each student to collect enough donations to fill one suitcase with donations while using the other suitcase for personal belongings.

Donations collected by each participant are given directly to non-profit organizations and foundations that SEA has partnered with internationally. SEA’s leadership team supervises the distribution of these donations to ensure that they are used for their intended purposes. After spending some time in their volunteer placements, participants are able to distribute their donations to the various organizations and placements they have been working in. The donations are greatly needed and appreciated by members of the community.

The items that are needed for donations are generally the same for each country we visit. Further information specific to each country – due to specific projects – will be given during the mandatory pre-departure orientation meeting. In the meantime, however, those attending medical missions, may find the following attachment useful in terms of typical items to collect (click here). Participants may also collect monetary donations. These donations are used to fund various development projects that participants assist in while abroad.

Our staff can support you during your fundraising and donation collection endeavours. We can provide you with a letter template that you can use when collecting donations from various organizations/corporations.

If you would like to have a signed thank-you letter sent out to anyone who made a significant contribution, please send an email to with his or her name and address. Please mention what the contribution consisted of and their relationship to you.

For more information about donations please contact: