Goodman School of Business

The expansion of Brock’s Goodman School of Business is under construction. Using an innovative blend of new construction and major upgrades of existing space, the project will grow Goodman from its current 50,526 sq. ft. to 76,758 sq. ft.

Besides delivering modern facilities and technology, the initiative will also give the University a new landmark that reinforces the Isaac Brock Plaza area as the vibrant heart of campus. Some of the major amenities will include:

  • a new, expanded Bloomberg research lab
  • six new classrooms
  • five dedicated interview rooms with fixtures and technology to support prospective employers as they meet student
  • a new, larger boardroom to accommodate Faculty planning sessions, departmental meetings, etc.

The most visually defining feature will be the two-storey glass “engagement atrium” at the west end of the complex. Serving as both a work/meeting space for students, and a venue for Goodman events or presentations, the atrium will be a striking foyer looking out on the iconic sculpture of Maj. Gen. Sir Isaac Brock.

Taro Hall’s nine current classrooms will be extensively renovated with new floors, ceilings, furniture, accessibility, lighting and technology, and all existing offices and spaces will either be enlarged or refreshed with new flooring and fixtures.