Capital Planning and Project Management

Capital Planning and Project Management(CPPM) oversees campus physical planning, design and construction activities in accordance with Brock University policies and procedures. CPPM administers the minor and major capital project programs for the University in addition to other responsibilities described below.

Minor projects

Minor projects include departmental requests for changes to buildings, space or the campus grounds. Examples include adding or modifying electrical outlets, plumbing, built-in cabinetry, lighting changes, remodelling classrooms, offices or labs, removing or adding walls, installing specialized equipment, or landscaping improvements such as benches/gardens. Minor projects may be centrally funded by the University administration, or may be funded by the requesting department.

Major projects

CPPM is responsible for the administration of major capital projects including construction of new buildings, significant renovations to existing buildings, and exterior changes such as new roads, parking lots and landscaped areas. Major projects are funded centrally by the University administration and approved by the Board of Trustees prior to implementation.

Campus Plan

In February 2003, the Brock University Board of Trustees approved a new Campus Plan. It was the first significant review and updating of the campus master plan since the original plan was prepared in 1965. The Campus Plan is intended to guide the physical development of the campus for the next thirty years and involved a widely consultative process. Principles and foundations of the campus plan:

  1. Provide the full range of facilities and physical infrastructure necessary to fulfill the Universitiy’s academic mission.
  2. Plan for all of the University’s properties.
  3. Build a quality environment that will be the University’s legacy.
  4. Pursue design excellence.
  5. Pursue a highly compact campus.
  6. Provide a strong social infrastructure for the University community.
  7. Ensure that the campus is accessible.
  8. Continue an open and on-going dialogue about the evolution of the campus.

Building Records

CPPM maintains a building records archive and database for all campus facilities. The records managed include the following:

  1. Original construction plans and specifications.
  2. Plans of renovations and alterations.
  3. Locations of buried utilities such as electrical lines, storm and sanitary sewer pipes, water lines, natural gas lines, communications (telephone and internet) cables, and irrigation systems.
  4. Building and room numbering system.
  5. Up-to-date electronic floor plans for all buildings.

Space Management

CPPM maintains a space database of all areas, on and off campus, occupied by the University and each space’s current use. It is used as the basis of the triennial province wide space inventory co-ordinated by the Council of Ontario Universities.

Information tracked in the space database includes all campus buildings and consists of the building designation, floors, rooms, room number, area (building gross and room net assignable area), current use by room, as well as provincially recognized coding procedures to allow comparison with other Ontario universities. Room numbers are also assigned and tracked by CPPM.

Campus signage

CPPM is mandated with the responsibility for the design and installation of new campus signage as required. In addition, existing signage is gradually being augmented or replaced as funds are made available. CPPM also manages department requested changes to signage, although the cost is the responsibility of the department.