Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, productive and well-maintained physical environment for the University community by planning and delivering professional services that are sustainable and supportive of academic excellence, now and into the future.


Our vision is to be a leading professional Facilities Management team that is widely recognized for the creation and maintenance of exceptional and innovative learning environments.


The facilities department cares about the environment that it provides for students, faculty and staff. Providing this environment means adhering to values that contribute towards the achievement of our mission and vision.

The following values identify the beliefs and behaviours that we personally commit to and that are reflected in all of our activities with the university community, including our own staff, as well as with our public and private sector partners:


To respect individual personal and professional needs by encouraging communication and an understanding of each other’s needs.


To strive for quality and excellence throughout our activities and in the delivery of our services.


To be responsible for the quality, results, professionalism, and costs of the services that we provide.


To use teamwork within the Facilities Management Department and co-operation with stakeholders in order to work together for mutual benefit and success.


To use ethical behaviour, transparency and fairness in all of our dealings.


To meet the University community’s needs and expectations in a timely and reliable manner so as to provide them with the services that they need to be successful.


To strive to identify and implement efficiencies which create the best value.


By valuing knowledge and supporting creativity, we encourage innovation by our staff to provide the best services and highest level of stewardship.