How can you help?

Sometimes, simple things can have a measurable impact when everyone pitches in.

  • Minimize the use of portable electric heaters.
  • Keep windows and doors closed in the heating or air conditioning seasons. If you notice a door or window which will not properly close, call our Customer Service Coordinator at x3717 – day or night.
  • Turn off office computers, printers, monitors, copy machines when you go home. A single desktop laser printer, if turned off at night and weekends, would save approximately up to $71 per year.
  • Turn off office, lab and classroom lights when not in use.
  • Make sure that water isn’t left running when not needed; call in those running toilets to our Customer Service Coordinator at x3717 – day or night.

Annual Cost to Operate Typical Office Equipment

EquipmentAnnual at 40hrs / week365 Days a year
Personal computer$18.39$77.60
CRT monitor$74.68$315.10
LCD monitor$13.79$58.21
Laser printer$67.05$282.90
Personal coffee maker$9.81$41.40
Commercial coffee maker$51.20$216.02
Personal space heater$464.01$1,957.86
Desktop fan$13.49$56.92
20 cu. ft. fridgeN/A (always on)$320.35
"1" Lab fume hood$519$2,190

(Based on $0.149 Kw/hr, average age office equipment)