Maintenance & Utilities

The Maintenance and Utilities division of Facilities Management manages and maintains all of Brock University’s buildings and campus. Through our multi-discipline tradesmen and their supervisors, we provide:

Utilities and Services

All building heating and cooling systems and services are provided by the Maintenance and Utilites group. This includes the provision of hot, chilled and domestic water, steam, electrical services, compressed air and natural gas. 6.4 Megawatts of Electric power is generated in the Central Utility Building’s Co-Generation Plant. The heat produced during the co-generation process is captured as hot water and used to heat the campus buildings in winter and to fuel an absorption chiller in summer. The absorption chiller is one means of providing chilled water, which is in turn used to air condition the campus. On a hot summer day, enough chilled water is consumed to cool the equivalent of 1,350 homes.

Preventative Maintenance

To reduce the number of emergencies and equipment breakdowns, we conduct on going preventative maintenance – such as inspections, lubrication, electrical sub-station maintenance, etc. – on such things as our building heating, cooling and ventilation systems and electrical distribution system as well as our vans, snow clearing and grounds equipment.


Provide electrical maintenance to Facilities Management assets such as life safety systems, lighting, power distribution, HVAC, etc. Arrange installation of power for equipment requiring services other than that obtained from existing 15 amp 120 volt outlet. The use of an existing outlet does not guarantee that power of an acceptable quality and sufficient quantity if available.

Routine repairs

The everyday maintenance work that occurs in the facilities we manage – such as carpentry, plumbing, door and lock repair – are logged into our computer-based work order system. Parts are ordered if required and tradesmen are dispatched to complete the repair.

One-Stop Shopping from our Customer Service Co-ordinator – x3717

Our Customer Service Co-ordinator is trained to handle a variety of requests ranging from emergency to routine maintenance work as well as to offer guidance for renovation work.