Custodial & Grounds

The Custodial and Grounds Services division of Facilities Management are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of all interior and exterior spaces on Campus and at satellite locations.

Custodial services

For the most part, spaces are cleaned to a standard known as APPA Level 2 “ordinary tidiness”. We use environmentally friendly fragrance free cleaning products that are third party certified. Our Campus was awarded the Certified Green Housekeeping Site – Gold Status. With three shifts, Custodial Services delivers the following services; General Cleaning, Window Cleaning (interior and exterior), Floor Restoration, Event and Classroom Set-ups, Moving of loose Furniture and Equipment, Property Management, Emergency Response (Non–hazardous spills/flood), Recycling and Non-hazardous Waste Management.

Grounds services

The appearance and the environmentally responsible manner of which the campus is maintained are very important since the university lands are part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Grounds Services are responsible for delivering the following services; Turf Maintenance, Bed Maintenance, Tree & Shrub Maintenance, Litter Control including Outdoor Recycling, Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Repairs to roads/parking lots/sidewalks/walkways/ trails/pavement markings/traffic & pedestrian signage/irrigation systems, Snow and Ice Control to ensure that roads, sidewalks, doorways and parking lots are safe for emergency vehicles and the Brock community use.