Student Event Risk Management

Brock University strives to strike a balance between providing space for meaningful, fun, engaging and inclusive activities, and ensuring that the potential for harm to students is low. Through our risk management procedures and approval process, Brock seeks to minimize the level of risk in various activities while still offering quality events for students. These procedures have been established to create an awareness of planning/safety issues, and to protect both the students who attend an event and the organizers of the event.

The risk management form is built into the ExperienceBU event submission process.

Events should be submitted on ExperienceBU at least 20 days prior to the start of your event.

Informed Consent & Waiver of Claims (Travel Waiver)

If you are transporting participants during your event, you are required to distribute and return to travel waivers for all participants. Travel waivers are necessary to ensure this event will be covered by Brock’s insurance and could ultimately relieve you from liability.

Event Monitor Contract

As the primary event contact/organizer you must agree not to consume any alcohol on the day of the event until all participants have departed the event. In addition, for events where alcohol is available, you must have 1 Event Monitor for every 20 participants. Each event monitor must sign the above contract and agree to:

  1. ensure that no participant over consumes alcohol or uses illegal narcotics.
  2. notify the primary event organizer if aware of an unsafe activity or environment.
  3. ensure that crowd behaviour be monitored and notify the primary event organizer about any disruptions or problems within the crowd.
  4. ensure that the participants do not engage in any activity which would damage the venue or destroy any property

Bus Monitor Contract

If participants will be traveling by chartered bus, you will be required to assign a bus monitor, who will be required to sign a Bus Monitor Contract, and who will be responsible for ensuring:

  1. All participants have signed waivers before loading the bus.
  2. No alcohol is brought onto the bus and that all alcohol will be confiscated.
  3. No intoxicated participant is allowed to board the bus going to the event.
  4. Every person is aware of the time the bus will be leaving the venue.
  5. Every effort is made to ensure all participants are on the bus before it departs the venue.
  6. All participants are aware of the procedure to be followed in the event that they miss the bus

Photo Release Forms

If you will be taking photos at the event that you plan to make public or use for future marketing purposes, having participants sign a photo release is a good idea.

Have Questions?

Planning an event and not sure where to start? Have questions about risk management?
Email us at or visit the Student Life Involvement Commons (MCA204)