ExperienceBU for Staff & Event Managers

Are you interested in using ExperienceBU to promote your events and programs? Browse through the below content to have all your questions answered.

It is easy to register an organization and create a page for a group/club/department
on Experience BU. Click here for a step-by-step breakdown. Be sure to e-mail experiencebu@brocku.ca to ensure an organization page doesn’t already exist on the hidden, administrative side of ExperienceBU. Duplication of organization pages can cause confusion!

Inviting new members to your group/club/department page on Experience BU requires you to know the student or staff Brock e-mails of the individuals you would like to invite. Once you have that information, you’ll want to go to your organizations’ page and select the drop down menu to the right of the page (signified by three lines). Select “Roster” and then select “Invite People” (top right corner). Enter in the student or staff e-mail of the person you’d like to add to your page and select a role to assign them to (if applicable). They will receive an invitation via e-mail to join your page.

For further instructions, click here.

Creating new positions to assign organization members to in ExperienceBU is simple. Click “Manage Organization” on your organization page and select the drop-down menu to the left, represented by three lines. Click “Roster” in that drop-down menu. Once on your “Roster”, you can select “Manage Positions” to create and assign positions to organization members. Click here for a step-by-step breakdown.

Once you are logged in to ExperienceBU, select your organization page from your home page and then select “Manage Organization”. On the left you will see three lines that represent a drop-down menu – select those lines and click “Roster” from the drop down menu. You will then see three options above your Roster – Current, Pending and Prospective. Select “Prospective” to approve new join requests.

For more information, click here.

Being the primary contact of an organization page on ExperienceBU means when people go to a ExperienceBU organization page and select “Contact”, the primary contact will be the individual to receive the e-mail. In addition, primary contacts have authority to manage all of the functions of an ExperienceBU page, from changing the roster and creating and assigning roles, to changing page photos and page information.

For more information, click here.

In order for a member to be given permission to edit different aspects of an ExperienceBU page, the primary contact must give that member permission to do so. Under “Roster” and “Manage Positions”, a primary contact can decide what level of permission to assign existing members of the organization to.

For more information, click here.

To remove a member from your “Roster”, you’ll need to be on the “Manage” end of your ExperienceBU page. Select “Roster” from the drop-down menu to the left of the “Manage” page and you’ll see a button that says “End Membership”. Select the members you would like to remove and click “End Membership”.

For more information, click here.

Your “Roster” is where all organization members are housed on your ExperienceBU organization page. Your “Roster” is a great way to manage memberships for your organization. You can invite, add and remove members and can use ExperienceBU as a way to communicate with your “Roster” members through messaging.

For more information, click here.

By selecting “Roster” and then “Messaging”, you can send out an e-mail to specific members of your organization. You can also send text messages through the “Messaging” feature. However, keep in mind that text messages sent through ExperienceBU are not sent instantaneously.

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In order to advertise your upcoming event on ExperienceBU, select “Manage Organization” once you are on your organization page and go to the drop-down menu to the left of the page. Select “Events” from that drop down menu, then select “Create Event”. Follow the prompts for information and, once your event is submitted and approved, it will be live for students to see*.

For more information, click here.

*For student clubs, the “Create Event” process includes risk management for your event as well. If you have questions about risk management, e-mail serma@brocku.ca

Yes – ExperienceBU is not a WordPress website.

ExperienceBU software is developed by a company called Campus Labs, under the division called Engage. You will see throughout these frequently asked questions and answers that links are provided to the Engage Support website. Please bookmark the Engage Support website. They have created a variety of video tutorials and step by step instructions that are up-to-date and easy to understand.

Yes you can! If you would like your events on ExperienceBU to populate on your Brock WordPress website, you can add this plugin to your Brock WordPress website quite easily.

Connect with University Marketing and Communications for more information about the ExperienceBU plugin and how to add it to your WordPress site. You will need permission to edit your WordPress site in order to add the ExperienceBU plugin.

When you select “Create Event” you will be asked who you would like to be able to see your event on ExperienceBU. You can have your event shown to Anyone in the World, Students and Staff, Organization Members and People Invited by Host.

For more information, click here.

If you have an event, workshop or other program that you believe aligns with the Campus Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC) and would like students who attend to receive co-curricular credit, e-mail experiencebu@brocku.ca. Our staff can connect your event to the CWC. The only requirement is that you track attendance at your event through borrowing a card reader from Student Life and Community Experience or through asking for Brock student e-mails at your event.

Yes, forms can be created and housed on your ExperienceBU organization page. Perhaps you’d like to create an event sign-up form or a feedback form, or maybe you’d like to set up an availability form for your Roster members to sign up to help with events. Whatever it may be, ExperienceBU has many form features you can add to customize your form content.

To get started with creating a form, click here.

Yes! Any event can be a co-hosted event. You will be asked if there are additional organizations co-hosting the event when you are filling our your event details on ExperienceBU and will have the option to tag that organization as a co-host.

For more information, click here.

Yes, each co-host associated with the event will have the event listed on their organization page.

For more information, click here.

You can contact other organizations on ExperienceBU by clicking on the “Contact” button on the organizations’ page. This will allow you to communicate with the primary contact of the organization.

On the bottom right hand side of the home page of ExperienceBU you will see a variety of resources to help you troubleshoot technical issues. If you are unable to troubleshoot the technical issue, e-mail experiencebu@brocku.ca and a staff member will follow-up to assist you.

You can also access the Engage Help Centre by clicking here.