Water Resilience Lab

Lake Gibson

The concept of water resilience provides a way forward. It is the recognition that we require the capacity to adapt to changing and uncertain conditions and to shift into sustainable pathways when needed.

Human influences on ecosystems are recognized as a major driving force of global environmental change. Interactions and feedbacks between human systems and ecosystems are complex, ever-changing and sometimes surprising. Water resources in particular have been, and continue to be, stressed by the impacts of these interactions (for example, climate change, pollution, increasing demand). This has resulted in water scarcity, decreasing quality and serious concerns about the future of freshwater systems and the ecosystem services they provide. Ultimately, the sustainability of our water resources is dependent on the social system: the ways in which we govern and manage our water.

The Water Resilience Lab (WRL) focuses on the human dimensions of water resilience. It brings together enthusiastic and curious students and post-doctoral fellows to explore, examine, and test – using a resilience lens – ways to enhance the sustainability of our most critical resource. The lab is led by Dr. Julia Baird, CRC in Human Dimensions of Water Resources and Water Resilience.

Current Group Members

Julia Baird

E-mail: jbaird@brocku.ca

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre 

Julia Baird is an Assistant Professor at Brock University. Julia’s research focuses on the human dimensions of water resources. She is particularly interested in water resilience, improving outcomes of water governance by improving processes, and agricultural impacts on water.

Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan (Environment and Sustainability)
M.Sc. University of Saskatchewan (Soil Science)
B.Sc. (Distinction) University of Alberta (Crop Science)

Yuka Kataoka

Email: yk17kf@brocku.ca

Master of Sustainability Candidate, Brock University

Yuka is a graduate from the Osaka Kyoiku University in Japan with a BA in Natural Science, and is currently working towards her Master of Sustainability at Brock University. Her interests surround water resource management and resilience study. In her MRP research, she will investigate resilience history and how water resilience is applied in the context of Remedial Action Plans.