Jessica Blythe

Dr. Jessica Blythe

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

Twitter: @_JessicaBlythe
Please find my Google Scholar profile here

Ph.D. University of Victoria (Geography)
M.A. York University (Geography)
B.Sc. (Honours) Memorial University (Marine Biology)

About Jessica:

I am a social scientist. My research engages in issues related to resilience, climate change adaptation, and transformation. I am particularly interested in how societies experience and respond to change. My research is solution oriented, interdisciplinary, and collaborative.  I explore how to navigate environmental change in ways that promote equality, reduce vulnerability, and foster social-ecological sustainability. Against this backdrop, I ask questions like:

  • what explains differential capacities to translate adaptive capacity into adaptation action?
  • What kinds of behavioural and institutional processes enable the transformations to more sustainable societies

Ultimately, I aim to contribute to innovative research that translates into real-world sustainability solutions.

More About Jessica

Jessica is the faculty lead on the Niagara Adapts Innovative Partnership project.

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