Jessica Blythe

Dr. Jessica Blythe

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

Twitter: @_JessicaBlythe
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Ph.D. University of Victoria (Geography)
M.A. York University (Geography)
B.Sc. (Honours) Memorial University (Marine Biology)

About Jessica:

Jessica’s research engages in issues related to resilience, climate change adaptation, and transformation. She is particularly interested in how societies both create and respond to change. Her research is founded on the assumptions that: i) social and ecological systems are inherently linked and ii) the costs and benefits of environmental change are distributed unevenly.  As a result, her research is necessarily transdisciplinary and collaborative, and explores the ways that environmental change interacts with other global processes to exacerbate inequality, increase vulnerability, and undermine social-ecological sustainability.  Within this broad area, Jessica’s research:

  • explores how processes of decentralization intersect with existing natural resource management institutions
  • examines what explains differential capacities to mobilize adaptative capacity into adaptation
  • develops critical notions of transformation to sustainability

Ultimately, she aims to contribute to innovative research that translates into real-world sustainability solutions.