Innovative Partnerships

Sea of hands.

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre aims to be at the cutting edge of research by matching academic researchers and community groups through innovative partnerships. These partnerships will have lasting impacts on the environment and communities, which surround Brock University.

Ryan Plummer

“Innovative partnerships illustrate the mutual benefits that can be realized for people and the planet when Brock teams up with the community. These partnerships lead to enhanced research prospects and enriched education opportunities for our faculty, staff and students. Access to world-class expertise, robust evidence for decision-making, and building organizational capacity are a few of the benefits gained by our partner organizations. Everyone – and the environment – wins.” – Dr. Ryan Plummer, Director of the ESRC

Current Partnerships

Past Partnerships

Assessing Partnership Performance, Monitoring, & Evaluation

HEI-community partnerships are an integral part of the ESRC as well as a strategic emphasis of Brock University. Members of the ESRC have correspondingly launched an initiative to advance knowledge and practice of formal HEI-community partnerships. This program of work offers important and timely advancements to HEI-community partnerships in the era of accountability, performance-based funding and change.