Our Faculty and Staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds from Brock University and beyond. Summaries of their research interests with keywords are provided below, along with links to further information if applicable.


Marilyne Jollineau 
Graduate Program Director
Email: mjollineau@brocku.ca

Centre Administrator

Amanda Smits
Centre Administrator
Email: asmits@brocku.ca

ESRC Coordinator

Erin Daly
ESRC Coordinator
Email: ssas@brocku.ca

Core Faculty

Julia Baird
CRC (Tier II) in Human Dimensions of Water Resources and Water Resilience
Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Research interests: water resources governance; resilience; social-ecological systems; social networks; agriculture

Meet the ESRC Faculty: Dr. Julia Baird

Jessica Blythe
Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Research interests: resilience, adaptation, transformation, coastal communities, social-ecological systems

Meet the ESRC Faculty: Dr. Jessica Blythe

Christine Daigle
Professor, Philosophy
Research interests: anthropocene; posthumanist ontology; posthumanist ethics
Keywords: Existential Phenomenology; Feminist Theory; Posthumanism

Diane Dupont
Professor, Economics
Interim Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Research areas: water, non-market valuation, behaviour, fisheries
Keywords: regulatory impacts on decisions, ecosystem services, GIS, surveys

Xavier Fazio
Professor, Department of Teacher Education
Research interests: environmental learning; sustainability education; complex system theory; communities; public understanding of science
Keywords: science education; environmental education; teacher cognition and practices; complex systems theory

Presentation: Teaching and Learning for Environmental Sustainability

Todd Green
Assistant Professor, Marketing, International Business & Strategy
Research areas: consumer response to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); the role of CSR in marketing communications; consumer response to environmentally friendly marketing; the role of CSR and Ethics in the Arts and Entertainment industries; the influence of retailer size on the consumer response to both socially responsible and irresponsible behaviour; the research-practice gap in CSR-related advertising.
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); advertising; consumer behaviour

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Todd Green

Timothy Heinmiller
Associate Professor, Political Science
Research interests: water policy in developed countries; politics of water in irrigation economies; politics of water allocation in irrigation areas
Keywords: politics, water, irrigation, Alberta, Great Lakes

Marilyne Jollineau
Associate Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Research interests: use of geospatial technologies to map, monitor and evaluate inland/shoreline wetland ecosystems in Ontario; use of geospatial technologies to assess vineyard condition in the Niagara Region for improved management
Keywords: wetland ecosystems; water resources; sustainable agriculture/viticulture; vineyard management; geospatial technologies

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Marilyne Jollineau

Francine McCarthy
Professor and Graduate Program Director, Earth Sciences, Brock University
Acting Graduate Program Director, Sustainability Science and Society, Brock University
Core Member, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Associate Member, Biological Sciences, Brock University

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Francine McCarthy

Marcel Oestreich
Assistant Professor, Economics
Research interests: Environmental Economics, Applied Game Theory, Industrial Organization and Empirical Finance, more specifically, the use of microeconomic models to study the impact of environmental regulation on the competitiveness of regulated firms.

Gary Pickering
Research interests: psychological barriers that prevent individuals from being proactive on sustainability and climate change issues, and strategies for addressing those barriers (including optimising communication); climate change adaptation in the grape and wine industry
Keywords:climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, psychological barriers, wine

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Gary Pickering (VIDEO)

Michael Pisaric
Professor, Geography and Tourism Studies
Research interests: impacts of climate and environmental change on northern ecosystems; climate and environmental change across a variety of timescales
Keywords: climate change; biogeography; physical geography; Arctic
Paleoecology Lab at Brock University

Ryan Plummer
Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Research areas: Adaptive co-management, social ecological resilience, environmental governance, water governance and management, adaptive capacity
Research interests: novel governance strategies and social-ecological systems, adaptive co-management, adaptation and adaptive capacity, community-based natural resource management, integrated resource management, social capital and social learning, resilience and vulnerability

Meet the ESRC Faculty: Dr. Ryan Plummer

Kevin Turner
Associate Professor, Geography and Tourism Studies
Research interests: hydrology, hydroecology; GIS, spatial analysis, and remote sensing; water isotope tracers; biogeochemical cycling; paleolimnological reconstruction of past lake conditions; linkages among lakes, rivers, land cover, and climate

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Kevin Turner (VIDEO)

Liette Vasseur
Professor, Biological Sciences
Research interests: sustainable agriculture; community-based natural resource management, with special emphasis on empowering women; integrating issues of biodiversity conservation; how ecosystem-based adaptation and other such approaches can help enhance resilience and sustainability of rural communities.
Keywords: sustainable agriculture; ecosystem; biodiversity; adaptation; gender issues

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Liette Vasseur

Participating Faculty

Adam Dickinson
Associate Professor, English Language & Literature
Research areas: poetics, biomonitoring, microbiome, ecocriticism, anthropocene
Keywords: blood, chemicals, metabolism, microbes, writing

Garrett Hutson
Associate Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Brock University
Research areas: place meanings, sense of place, outdoor recreation management, outdoor education, recreation stewardship strategies
Keywords: sustainable outdoor education, sense-of-place education, place meanings

Meet the ESRC Faculty Affiliates: Dr. Garrett Hutson (VIDEO)

Tim O’Connell
Professor, Applied Health Sciences – Recreation & Leisure Studies
Research interests: psychological sense of community of people engaged in outdoor pursuits, sense of place, impacts of participating in outdoor activities on mental health, outdoor orientation programs, reflective practice, outdoor leadership, outdoor education, experiential education.
Keywords: outdoor education, experiential education, sense of place, outdoor pursuits, outdoor orientation programs, reflective practice

Adjunct Professors

Claudia Baldwin
University of the Sunshine Coast

Ryan Bullock
University of Winnipeg

Gillian Dale
Postdoctoral Fellow – Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Brock University

Gillian holds a Ph.D. in Behavioural Neuroscience (Cognitive Psychology) from Brock University, and previously held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her previous research explored individual difference factors (i.e., personality, affect, motivational intensity, etc.) that explain variations in cognitive performance and behaviour. She has extensive experience with research design, questionnaire development and validation, and advanced data analysis. Currently, she is interested in extending her line of research by applying her expertise in both human behaviour and advanced data analysis to real-world problems (e.g., water resilience; environmental stewardship).

Sherman Farhad
Postdoctoral Fellow – Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Brock University

Sherman in interested in human-environment relationships from complex systems perspective. Her research focuses on environmental governance (specially on water governance) and social-ecological resilience. She is particularly interested in how people connect with the environment, how social systems perceive, interpret and deal with environmental changes and uncertainties, and how diverse stakeholders (resource users, government actors and researchers) can co-create knowledge and co-manage natural resources. Her empirical work has been based in Spain, Iran, and most recently in southern Ontario.

Wendee Kubik
Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies
Research interests: women, agriculture, water, gender analysis, aboriginal

Bradley May
Environmental Sustainability Research Centre
Research interests: Climate change adaptation, hazards and disaster management, teaching environmental management and sustainability, environmental law and, compliance theory
Keywords: governance, social-ecological systems, cross-scale dynanics

Twitter: @BradKMay

Timothy Smith 
University of Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dana Thomsen 
University of Sunshine Coast, Australia

Micaela Trimble
PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Management (University of Manitoba)
Member of the National System of Researchers of Uruguay in the Social Sciences
Research and Cooperation Coordinator at the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies (SARAS) 
Research interests: Social-ecological systems, adaptive co-management, water governance, small-scale fisheries, marine protected areas, participatory research and evaluation, citizen participation in environmental issues, climate change adaptation and resilience.

Email: mica.trimble@saras-institute.org


Heather Whipple
James A. Gibson Library

Heather is the liaison librarian for the SSAS program, and can help researchers find and use secondary data while promoting best practices in research data management. She also offers support for GIS and geospatial data use.
Research interests: Feminist science fiction, cultural geographies of outer space, Ursula K Le Guin

E-mail: hwhipple@brocku.ca
Twitter: @hhwlib


Cara Boese 
Director, Co-op, Career & Experiential Education Programs, cboese@brocku.ca

Melissa Beamer
Senior Employer Development Manager, mbeamer2@brocku.ca