Brock Lincoln Living Lab

Brock Lincoln Living Lab

A unique partnership formally connects Brock University to the Lincoln community, which will provide real benefits by leveraging the resources, capacities and talents of both communities.

The Brock-Lincoln Living Lab is initially set to last five years. Among some of the more specific targets the two sides are working toward are:

  • Conduct a needs assessment within the first year of operations identifying priorities, proposed activities and objectives to be achieved within the first five years
  • Hold public events each year pertaining to knowledge mobilization and community engagement
  • Engage graduate and undergraduate students in co-operative education, course projects and independent research projects
  • Initiate research projects by Brock faculty
  • Explore and pursue mutually beneficial opportunities of shared interest such as grant proposals and community forums
  • Promote the Living Lab locally and develop networks nationally and internationally
  • Support Lincoln in following other national or international initiatives that can help promote community sustainability and are in line with the spirit of the Living Lab

Current Team Members

Zach MacMilland and Carrie Beatty

Senior Communications Advisor, Town of Lincoln

Carrie Beatty is the Senior Communications Advisor for the Town of Lincoln. Committed to developing relationships and fostering strategic initiatives in her public relations role, Carrie is the project lead for the Brock-Lincoln Living Lab and member of the Joint Steering Committee.

Additionally, Carrie serves as the preceptor to Masters of Sustainability students as part of the partnership. To date, students supporting the project include Meghan Birbeck (summer/fall 2017), and Ben House and Zach MacMillan (summer 2018).

Marilyn Jollineau

Ph.D in Geography, University of Waterloo

About Marilyne
Dr. Marilyne Jollineau holds a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Waterloo. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Brock University. Since her arrival at Brock in 2003, Marilyne has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in geomatics; she also participates in the collaborative post-graduate program in Geographic Information Systems – Geospatial Management with Niagara College.

Her research program is largely focused on wetland ecosystems and the use of geospatial technologies, including global positioning systems (GPS), remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), to: 1) map and monitor wetland ecosystems and adjacent upland environs in order to better understand their type, structure, and composition, for improved wetland management; 2) measure spatial heterogeneity as a means of quantifying species diversity within wetlands for improved management; and 3) quantify wetland change to better understand the effect of fluctuating climate and water levels on shoreline wetlands, and as a means of assessing management strategies, and their effectiveness, over time.

Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Lincoln

Michael Kirkopoulos is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Lincoln. With over 300 employees, approximately 24,000 residents, and over 100,000 visitors annually, Lincoln is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Niagara.

In his leadership role with Lincoln, Michael oversees the delivery of municipal services, while ensuring the long-term vision of Lincoln is integrated in all decision-making to achieve a sustainable and complete community.

Michael was instrumental in developing the Living Lab partnership and is a member of the Joint Steering Committee for the Brock-Lincoln Living Lab.

April Sorenson

Current Master of Sustainability Student (Fall 2019) under the supervision of Julia Baird and Marilyne Jollineau.

April’s research is focused on low impact development and sustainable building. She has a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University, as well as three years of experience working for Stantec Consulting, an international design firm. April is excited to apply what she’s learned to the Brock Lincoln Living Lab partnership and help the town of Lincoln move towards a more sustainable future.

Past Team Members

Benjamin House

Current Master of Sustainability Co-op student (Fall 2018) under the supervision of Chris Fullerton.

Ben’s research is focused on evaluating how key watershed components have been integrated into regional tourism planning documents throughout rural communities in the Grand River. With a keen interest in local economic development and rural tourism, Ben is thrilled to be working for the Town of Lincoln to help find new and innovative ways to contribute to community sustainability in a municipal setting.

Zach MacMillan

Current Master of Sustainability Co-op student (Fall 2018) under the supervision of Chris Fullerton.

Zach is entering the second year of the SSAS program with research focused on evaluating the extent sustainability principals have been included in municipal planning documents overtime, with a focus on transportation polices. With a keen community planning and city development, Zach is excited to be working for the Town to gain real world experience in a municipal setting.



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