Apply Today!

Thanks for your interest in our Master of Sustainability program!

The equal consideration deadline for Fall 2020 admission is February 6, 2020. It is highly recommended that you begin the application process (outlined below) well in advance of this deadline.

Step One

Ensure that you meet the minimum criteria outlined in our Admissions Requirements

Step Two

Prepare all of the required application materials that will be considered by the SSAS Graduate Program Committee:

  • Written Statement of Intent (in English)

    This document should convey the rationale for seeking entry to the program as well as describe how it advances your professional and academic aspirations. It should be written as a freeform essay, of no more than two pages in length. You must include the following in your statement of intent:

    A) Your desire to pursue Scheme A or B

    B) Your career aspirations and plans, research interests and faculty supervision preference, as well as experience relevant to the program

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • List of Potential Supervisor In-principle

    A) In your OUAC application, you will be required to include a ranked list of three Core Faculty members who can potentially act as your supervisor in principle. Students should consult the listing of core faculty and indicate their top three choices on the application.

  • Two Academic References

    A) References should be from qualified academic scholars attesting to, and documenting, your potential for graduate level study/research. For more information on reference requirements and procedures, click here.

  • Transcripts

    A) Please note that if you have an undergraduate degree from Brock University you do not need to send in your transcripts. Transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions are required.

  • Proof of English Proficiency

    A) Master’s applicants who have not completed three or more years of post-secondary study, and doctoral applicants who have not completed two or more years of post-secondary study, at a Canadian institution or at an institution in an exempt country, will be required to provide proof of English language proficiency. For more information about English Proficiency requirements, click here.

Step Three

Submit your application through Brock University Next Step and pay the required application fee.