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  • Event: Environmental Buzzwords and their Meanings

    Trevor Norris, Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies, will be speaking at an event co-hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Research Center (ESRC) and the Posthumanism Research Institute (PRI) to explore environmental buzzwords in our daily landscape. Researchers from PRI and ESRC will gather to investigate the meaning of five key environmental terms and concepts: “transformation,” “resilience,” “sustainability,” “stewardship,” and “consumerism.” Everyone is welcome to join  for the general discussion among presenters and audience members that will follow brief presentations on each term/concept.

    January 16, 2019 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm | Plaza 600F
    Everyone is welcome.

    Featuring Guest Speakers:

    • Julia Baird, Assistant Professor, ESRC & Department of Geography & Tourism Studies
    • Jessica Blythe, Assistant Professor, ESRC
    • Christine Daigle, Professor of Philosophy and PRI Director
    • Trevor Norris, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies and PRI Member
    • Ryan Plummer, Professor and ESRC Director

    Hosted By: David Fancy, Associate Professor, Dramatic Arts and PRI Member.

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