Message from the Associate Dean’s Office, Undergraduate and Professional Student Services

Welcome to the Faculty of Education at Brock University.

As Associate Dean, Professional and Undergraduate Student Services, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work on behalf of studentsto ensure that academic advising, practicum, professional learning and recruiting services are effective and student focused. I work with an amazing team who are committed to making your experience within the Faculty of Education the best it can possibly be.

The office of Associate Dean works on behalf of our students with the Faculty of Education as well as the broader Brock community. Beyond Brock we collaborate with community agencies government organizations, school boards and other strategic partners in to provide a comprehensive and effective educational experience The Faculty of Education at Brock University has an international reputation for excellence and a deep commitment to student experience and learning. Our faculty and staff take pride in being available and responsive to student needs while maintaining excellent program and course delivery.


Dr. Sheila Bennett
Associate Dean, Undergraduate and Professional Student Services