Preparing to graduate & convocation

1. To graduate, you must meet all the requirements of your program, and complete your Intent to Graduate information for the Office of the Registrar through your portal.

2. All undergraduate students (FOE) should watch the video below.

3. Questions about convocation – the day of celebration – and other aspects of graduation should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Most questions are answered here.

4. BEd (Concurrent and Consecutive) students must also be aware of the following information from the Registrar regarding the certification process with the OCT and the Faculty Report:

The certification process with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) requires candidates to submit an application and transcripts to the OCT, and Brock to submit the Faculty Report of qualifications. Please note that Brock cannot send your recommendation to the College without your application number. (The application number is a 6-digit number and will be your Registration Number upon certification).

Here are things you can do to ensure your certification as a teacher in Ontario occurs shortly after convocation:
1. Upon receipt of the 6-digit number from the OCT, upload this number through your student portal (see image below). Please complete this step prior to June 1 when we download the information from the system to create the file for the OCT.
2. Arrange to have your teaching transcripts sent to the College AFTER your Convocation. If you make a transcript request prior to Convocation, your transcript will not read “Degree Conferred” and your certification may be delayed. If you are ordering your transcript prior to Convocation, please ensure you select the printing option “Hold until degree conferred” or, simply make the transcript request after your Convocation date. This step is especially important for Concurrent students who will have both the undergraduate degree and teaching degree noted on the transcript.

Some things to be aware of:
• Recommendations are sent after program completion but the degree must be conferred prior to certification.
• Candidates are not eligible to take AQ courses until after program completion as per OCT requirements. While there are some exceptions, the earliest most candidates would be eligible for Additional Qualifications courses is May.
• Brock automatically submits the Faculty Report as long as we have your OCT number on file. Again, this is sent to the College in June and, as long as you have completed all steps, most candidates are certified by end of June or early July.

View the 3+1 Steps Required to Graduate video below and get more information and convocation schedules through the Office of the Registrar.