Spring Convocation 2020

Congratulations, Faculty of Education graduates! Learn more below about staying connected with us. A few of our faculty and staff have also sent in messages to wish you well as you start your next adventure.

A message from the Dean

Alumni Association

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  • Faculty of Education Teaching in Excellence Award: Dr. Spy Dénommé – Welch
  • CFUW (Canadian Federation of University Women): Danielle Boiago:
  • Alpha Delta Kappa: Jasmine Pereira:
  • Dean’s Medal for Education: Tim Hewitson
  • Dean of Education: Professional Growth
    • PJ – Michelene Mountjoy
    • PJ – Johannes Kromhout
    • JI – Carly Horton
    • JI – Erika Van Stowski
    • IS – Kristina McGill
    • IS – Amanda Flintoft
    • Eleanor Shaw : Rachel Trigatti
  • Distinguished Graduating Student Awards
    • PJ – Johannes Kromhout
    • PJ – Michelene Mountjoy
    • JI – Hayley Lukich
    • JI – Madeleine Campbell
    • IS – Luke Boesveld
    • IS – Vladan Victor Vukosavljevic
  • BECE Distinguished Graduating Award: Alexandra Schweyer
  • Russell N. Eden: Helen Snow
  • Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock (Undergraduate): Jasmine Pereira:
  • Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock (Graduate): Reuben Plance
  • Milton Frederick Pummell Memorial Scholarship: Cheryl Swayze
  • Jack M. Miller Award in Research Excellence: Susan Docherty-Skippen
  • Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Faculty of Education Award: Timothy Hewitson and Johannes Kromhout
  • Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation Faculty of Education Award: Ivy Allen

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A message from the Chair of the Department of Educational Studies

A message from Dr. Spy Dénommé-Welch, recipient of the 2020 FOE Award for Teaching Excellence

A message from Dr. Catherine Longboat

A message for BECE graduates

A message for Teacher Education graduates

A message from the Brock TELC

A message Tech Ed graduates

A message for Adult Education graduates