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Frequently asked questions

The Advanced Certificates require an undergraduate degree for admission, but are still housed in the undergraduate division of Brock University.

  • Brock University’s Master of Education (MEd) Course-based pathway, is 3 terms long (can be completed in 12 months, although some students take longer)
  • The LCBE or CCES certificate is 2 terms long (completed in 8 months)
  • The MEd at Brock requires an IELTS of 7.5, no bands below 7.0; LCBE requires an IELTS of 6.5, CCES requires an IELTS of 6.0
  • The certificate’s tuition is at a lower per credit hour rate than Brock’s MEd.
  • A master’s degree usually has a higher point value on the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System used for some permanent residency programs, and can qualify for the Ontario Immigration Nomination Program-Masters Graduate Stream
  • LCBE and CCES meet the education requirement for the Ontario Immigrant Nomination Program-International Student Stream because they are one-year programs that require an undergraduate degree for admission.

Neither the certificates nor a master’s degree will lead to the teaching certification required to teach in public (K-12) schools in the Province of Ontario. If you want to teach in the public K-12 school system in Ontario, you have to apply for the Teacher Education program.

The advanced certificate’s class sizes may vary, but are are intentionally limited in enrollment to provide opportunities to interact with the professor and other classmates.

For both LCBE and CCES, you will have a total of 10 courses over the two terms. Each course meets for 3 hours per week (usually on 3-hour blocks of time). In addition to the 15 instructional hours, you also have extra after-class readings, assignments, and activities. Internships will require extra hours as well.

 We welcome students from around the world. The countries sending the largest number of students are India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Iran.


For CCES: Please see the options listed on the website page for English Language pathway programs: Canadian Culture and Education Studies Certificate (CCES) – Faculty of Education (

For LCBE: If you first complete the Canadian Culture in Education Studies certificate with 70% you can begin in LCBE without submitting an updated IELTS test.  Applicants that have a minimum of three previous years of full-time study (non-ESL) where the primary language of instruction and evaluation was English, with strong grades in English and other humanities/social science courses may be considered for a waiver of the English Proficiency test requirement. Email to inquire.

You may apply now with your up-to-date transcript and a school letter certifying that you are a 4th year university student. 

We have an intake in September of each year. While applications are accepted at any time, early applications are encouraged to allow for study permit applications for international students. Deposits are required by May 1 of each year, and registration for classes begins in July.

No. At this time we only have an intake in September of each year.

No. All academic disciplines of study are welcome to apply.

A CCES or LCBE student is considered a full-time academic student in an advanced certificate program at Brock University and will belong to the undergraduate student body. You have access to all university services, including the library, internet, health services and computer labs. You will automatically be a member of the Brock University Student Union.

Financial aid is not available and the certificate programs are not eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). CCES and LCBE students are also eligible to work on- or off-campus during their studies. And students who complete both programs will receive tuition rebate at the end of their second program.

Yes, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires a visa (permit) for any post-secondary program that is longer than six months. CCES and LCBE are each 8-month long programs, so you will need to apply for a study permit. Consider applying for Consecutive Admission, which will give you one offer letter for both programs. For either program you will also need to apply for the co-op work permit (as part of your study permit application) because of the internships. This notation will be made on the Student Information portion of your Letter of Admission. Read more at Work as a co-op student or intern – or email Brock’s International Student Advisors at

There is an orientation at the beginning of the programs professional development opportunities designed to enchance your experience as a student and your continued growth as an educator. In addition. there are many opportunities for students to enjoy the sports facilities at Brock and to participate in activities promoted by organizations across campus. See Explore – ExperienceBU (

Yes, the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is mandatory for all international students. The Brock University Student Union also provides mandatory Student VIP Insurance to cover items such as prescriptions, glasses and dental.

Yes; because the CCES and LCBE certificates are academic (8-month) programs, they qualify an international student for work permission. International students can work on or off-campus part-time as long as they are studying full-time at a recognized institution.  You may not begin employment until after you have begun the program. Full-time employment can be considered during the fall and winter reading weeks and during the December to January break. After graduation from the program your work permission will change depending on your circumstances. Refer to Studying and working in Canada as an international student – Questions can be emailed to Brock’s International Student Advisors at

Yes, you will still need to submit evvidence of English language proficiency. The requirement for this is based on your educational background, not on your residency status.

Please refer to the Bringing Family section in our Faculty of Education International Student Guide for further information.

Our Brock International Office has a number of resources to help with immigration for international students:

1) You can register for workshops at: Brock International – ExperienceBU (

2) Their website has helpful information on applications and travel:  Immigration Advising – International (

3) You can email with your questions.


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