The FOE International Programs Office

Brock University Faculty of Education International Programs

Welcome to our corner of the world! From your first admissions inquiry to congratulating you at graduation, we look forward to supporting you during your educational journey.

  • Located on the lower level of Welch Hall, Offices 9DEF
  • General email:
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • For appointments please contact Susan or Clinton as noted below
  • Appointments are available in person on select days, or via video on Teams
  • Check our New International Student Guide for help on your transition to Canada. We’ve collected information from across the campus and community on one website page.

Susan Virtue, B.A., M.Ed., RCIC

Manager, International programs office

At the core of what I do is help international students navigate their way to Canada and Brock University: from your first inquiry to your arrival on campus.

 Immigration advising and the RCIC Service for Faculty of Education international students:

  • Ask questions regarding your first study permit application, applications after a refusal, renewals and post-graduate work permits.
  • Assistance is also available for family members: spousal open work permits, study permits for children and visitor visas for spouses, children or other related family members.
  • Free levels of service include initial consultations for students applying to Faculty of Education programs and reviewing the application materials that you have already prepared.
  • If you would like Authorized Representation (when I would prepare the documents and file the application for you) a service fee is charged. Email me for more information.
  • The RCIC Service is subsidized for Faculty of Education international students with Susan Virtue, Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) #R518747.
  • You can also find helpful information on Brock International’s immigration information page.
  • If you are using a consultant to help you file an immigration application make sure that they are registered on the College of Immigration and Citizenship’s website.

Immigration Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a study visa and a study permit? A visa is a counterfoil that is glued into your passport and is used to enter Canada. It allows you to travel to Canada and request that you be granted student status. The study permit is a document that is issued at the point of entry by the Canadian Border Services officer and grants student status in Canada.

Should I reapply if I was denied a visa on my first application? Approval rates for subsequent study permit applications do decline, however, 58% of repeat student visa applicants were eventually approved. First-time applicants are approved at an average rate of 68%, and students who applied four times or more had an approval rate of 40%. (Data provided by Applyboard and based on applications processed between January 2016 to October 2021).

The study permit refusal letter didn’t explain much. What are the real reasons? While it is always advisable to order the officer’s notes to learn more about the refusal (and to make sure there were no errors), most often the reasons can fall into one of the following categories. If you are planning to apply again after one or more refusals, plan to chat with me about ways to strengthen your next application before its submission.

  • Unclear study plan or sufficient explanation for gaps in study or career transitions
  • Prior refusals for other visas (for Canada or other countries)
  • Prior indication that you do not plan to be a temporary resident, such as an Express Entry profile or PR application
  • Spouse and or children will be coming with you; (this weakens your ties to your home country)
  • Living and working in a country other than your home country which, again, weakens ties to your home country
  • Insufficient finances
  • An application that appears to be dishonest; perhaps there were dates that were incorrect, or documents that appear fraudulent

Clinton Kewley, H.B.A., M.A., B.Ed, OCT

International student services coordinator

I am an educator with 25+ years of experience teaching and supporting students at the elementary and post-secondary school levels. I have been privileged to work with and learn from diverse groups of talented students. As the International Student Services Coordinator in the Faculty of Education, I support undergraduate and graduate international students’ academic achievement, professional development, and mental health and wellness. Kindly contact me if you would like to book an appointment for a chat.

  • Academic Advising: Am I enrolled in the correct courses for my program specialization? What if I want to go to graduate school or pursue doctoral studies? These and other academic questions require timely and accurate responses. If you have questions about your educational journey and destination, kindly book an appointment so we can start a conversation.
  • Education Abroad: Concurrent students (years 1-4), Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students, and graduate students can work with me to design an education abroad experience using independent study courses and service providers or via a self-identified location. Contact me to learn more about education abroad opportunities.
  • Mental Health & Wellness: Balancing familial, social, financial, and academic responsibilities is a demanding and exhausting task. Prioritizing one’s mental health can be pushed to the margins when attempting to navigate life’s many hurdles. It is vital to be mindful of your mental health. Throughout the year, I coordinate multiple mental health workshops with on-campus units and community partners to enhance the quality of students’ mental wellness with essential information, strategies, and resources.
  • Police Checks: Are you interested in paid employment opportunities or volunteering in Ontario with individuals considered part of a vulnerable sector group? If so, you will need a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) before you can start working or volunteering. Let me assist you with ensuring you acquire the necessary documentation to gain valuable work and volunteer experience.
  • Professional Development: The pathway to achieving your career goals involves more than simply your academic efforts. Employers are looking for potential employees with diverse competencies and experiences to fit in and contribute to an evolving, complex and demanding work environment. Learn new skills and hone existing talents as you prepare to transition to your career. Contact me for more information regarding our professional development activities.
  • Teacher Certification Equivalency Workshops: Are you an internationally-educated, certified teacher? Do you have an interest in the possibility of teaching in Ontario? If so, I encourage you to attend one of my workshops to learn more about the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) credential equivalency assessment procedure for internationally-educated, certified teachers. Kindly contact me for dates and times of upcoming workshops.
  • Volunteer Opportunities:  Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to the community, expand your social and professional networks, acquire new skills, and develop new friendships. Contact me today to learn more about volunteering opportunities on campus and in the local community.

Our International Programs Office works closely with other campus services, such as Brock InternationalCareer EducationExperienceBU, Residences at BrockStudent Health Services and the Student Union to ensure that you have the resources that you need.