Faculty of Education COVID-19 FAQs and Updates

Information provided on this page is for current and prospective Faculty of Education students.

For university-wide updates check Brock’s COVID-19 FAQ page. Please monitor your Brock email for updates and information related specifically to the FOE or your program and contact the FOE if you have any questions.

The information here is subject to change without notice.

Teacher education applicants and students (Consecutive Years 1 & 2 and Concurrent Years 5 & 6)

We understand that due to interruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions will be offering non-numerical grades to students for current courses such as “pass/fail” or “credit/no credit.”

The academic portion of your admission criteria is based upon meeting a minimum 70% average among your top 10.0 (or equivalent) undergraduate credits. As your entire degree is not being used in this calculation, our admissions team will only use numerical grade values toward this overall average. Any non-numerical grades such as “pass” or credit” will not be included in the calculation.  Applicants must have at least 10.0 full credits (or equivalent, approx. ½ of a 4-year degree) on their transcript that contain a numerical grade in order to be eligible for calculation of their admission average.

Teachable Subjects

If you are interested in the Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior divisions, you are required to satisfy our teachable subject criteria.  While courses with a with a numerical grade will be selected first, for the purpose of calculation, Pass/Fail marks will also be accepted to satisfy teachable subjects requirements.

Regulations have been modified for teacher candidates who meet the criteria for this exemption. More information is available here: https://www.oct.ca/public/media/announcements/covid-19-news-and-resources

Please note that if you are under special consideration for practicum for the 2019-2020 academic year your files will need to be reviewed individually in terms of this modification to the regulations. The Faculty of Education has been in contact with teacher candidates whose practicum files were under review.

For Teacher Candidates who are in/scheduled to be in virtual placements, you are required to complete that placement as a requirement of your degree/diploma/certificate and as part of your commitment to the professional standards and ethics.

International FOE students and applicants

Incoming MEd ISP Students

MEd ISP: The program start date has been delayed until January 2022. No new applications are being accepted. We anticipate that this will be in-person and on-campus.

MEd Course or Research-based: The program will begin Fall 2021 with online classes. You may begin your program without a study permit, however, you are still subject to the same tuition rates and refund schedule. Please contact Susan Virtue at susan.virtue@brocku.ca with questions.

Incoming MPCE Students

The Fall 2021 term (September to December) of the MPCE program will be online. We are anticipating that the Winter 2022 term (January to April) will be in-person and on-campus. You may begin your program without a study permit, however, you are still subject to the same tuition rates and refund schedule. Please contact Susan Virtue at susan.virtue@brocku.ca with questions.

Master of Education Students (Domestic)

The Fall Term (September-December) courses in the MEd C/RB program will be delivered online. Please contact your instructor or check the timetable for additional course information: https://brocku.ca/guides-and-timetables/timetables/?session=FW&type=GR&level=All&program=EDUC

Please remember to check your Brock student email for updates, further inquiries can be addressed to med@brocku.ca

Continuing teacher education

AQ, ABQ and PQP courses are still running online. Please check the program page to learn more about course offerings and registration.

TCs about to graduate this year of accredited teacher education programs in Ontario who seek admission to AQs that are offered during intersession (May/June – the course will end after graduation/convocation) are eligible for admission to an AQ program offered by a faculty of education as follows:

  • after the candidate has successfully completed all of the graduation components for their initial teacher education program and the College has received a report from the Dean or Director; and
  • after the candidate started the registration process to become a member of the College.

In order to confirm the above, please request a copy of the candidate’s OCT online application document status page. The confirmation of the received report from the Dean or Director will read as “Report from Faculty – Complete”.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption to services, the College has revised its practice of requiring recent graduates of an accredited Ontario teacher education program to be certified members of the College, in good standing, before the end of the course. A qualification will be awarded provided that:

  • The candidate was admitted to the additional qualification as per the admission requirements noted above; and
  • The candidate completes their application and becomes a member of the College in good standing within two years from the date of application for licensure. The two-year timeframe is in keeping with the College practice that an application is valid for two years from the date of the completed application.

Upon completion of the course, providers must still report all students who have completed the course, and the date they completed the course, to the College. As the file is reviewed, if the application for certification is still valid, the AQ will be awarded.

For those who are not certified members of the College, in good standing, before the end of two years from the date of application to the College for licensure, the AQ will be considered by the College to have been taken for personal professional learning purposes and will never appear on the member’s Certificate of Qualification and Registration. Providers should ensure that course participants are aware of this requirement.

TCs with Transitional Certificates

College members holding a Transitional Certificate of Qualification and Registration (TCQR) are not eligible to take AQ courses until they have successfully completed the final session of their program, including all practice teaching. The qualification can only be reported if the member holds a General Certificate of Qualification and Registration before completing the course.

Members wishing to convert their TCQR to a CQR in order to complete an AQ are required to arrange for a transcript and report from the faculty confirming the completion of their program. As these documents are not subject to any disruption in service, members holding TCQRs are not included in the change of practice described above related to individuals who have completed a program of professional education in Ontario and must provide all of the documentation required for initial certification.

If you have any questions, please contact either Jody Boone (jboone@brocku.ca) or Randy Hill (rhill@brocku.ca).