Sherri Vansickle

Assistant Professor (MEd, OCT) and Interim Director – Indigenous Educational Studies Program

Sherri Vansickle is from the Onondaga Nation, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.  She holds a Masters of Education from Brock University in Social and Cultural Contexts of Education.  Her research interests include Haudenosaunee Knowledge Systems, Indigenous education, Indigenous arts and activism, decolonial and anti-racist education, community building through activism, holistic education and Indigenous spirituality. She is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and her current research interests focus on the adolescent years and Indigenous Identity formation.

  • Indigenous Teaching and Learning
  • Decolonial Practices
  • Haudenosaunee Knowledge Systems
  • Indigenous Spirituality
  • Land-Based Pedagogy

Francis, M and S Vansickle (2018) Gana’Jôh: Haudenosaunee Pedagogies of the Drum Letters From the Woodshop.  World Futures, Volume 74, pp 490-502

  • Introduction to Indigenous Studies (INDG1F90)
  • Indigenous Culture and Early Childhood Education (EDUC 2F95)
  • Spirituality I (INDG 2P50)
  • Spirituality II (INDG 2P51)