Dr. Mirjana Bajovic

Assistant Professor (PhD), Department of Educational Studies

Dr. Mirjana Bajovic, Faculty of Education, Brock University

St. Catharines, ON
905 688 5550 x6237

Dr. Mira Bajovic is interested in exploring moral and social-cognitive development in children and adolescents, and the media effects on social interactions, moral reasoning, and bullying in children. Dr. Bajovic has expended her video game research to exploring the mental health conditions and gaming disorder associated with video game playing. She is also interested in exploring how game-based learning and 21st century skills can be seamlessly integrated into the contemporary K-12 curriculum.

  • Children and adolescents’ social, emotional, cognitive and moral development
  • Educational Psychology
  • Classroom assessment and evaluation
  • Media literacy and popular culture
  • Video games in educational context

Levin, J., Nolan, J., Kerr, J., Elliott, A., & Bajovic, M. (2015). Principles of Classroom Management: A Professional Decision-Making Model – Fourth Canadian edition.

Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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  • EDUC 5P32: Learning and the Mind
  • EDUC 5P54: Designing Curriculum to Develop Thinking Abilities
  • EDUC 5P43: Invitational (IE) and Holistic Approaches to Education
  • EDUC 4P62: Video Games in Educational Context
  • EDUC 5P43: Invitational (IE) and Holistic Approaches to Education
  • EDUC5P56: Technology in the Curriculum
  • EDUC5P30: Development, Learning, and Curriculum
  • EDUC 4P28: 21st Century Literacy Across the Junior/Intermediate Curriculum
  • EDUC 4P19: Integrating Curriculum and Assessment
  • EDUC/CHYS 4P04: Observation and Evaluation in the Early Years
  • EDUC3P50: Focus on Early Childhood Education I
  • EDUC3P52: Focus on Early Childhood Education II
  • EDCU3P40: Family, Schools and Literacy
  • EDUC3F01: The Process of Teaching

Harwood, D., Bajovic, M., Woloshyn, V., Di Cesare, D.M., Lane, L., & Scott, K. (2015).Intersecting Spaces in Early Childhood Education: Inquiry Based Pedagogy and Tablets. Paper presented at The First Global Conference on Holistic Early Learning and Development, Orillia, Ontario.

Bajovic, M. & Rizzo, K. (2015). Emotion and experience: Mediating processes to cognition and action in children. Jean Piaget Society Conference, Toronto, On.