Dr. Susan Drake

Professor (PhD), Department of Educational Studies

Full Advisement Load: Contact for Availability for Graduate Advisement

St. Catharines, ON
905 688 5550 x3931

Dr. Susan Drake is interested in global educational reform and curriculum innovation. She is fascinated by what education looks like in the 21st Century from K to 16. Her research has been centred around the seamless connections among curriculum, instruction and assessment. In particular, she has investigated integrated curriculum and its implementation in a wide variety of contexts.  Another facet of her work is narrative research. She believes that humans make meaning through storytelling. For her, we can work with story for personal and professional transformation.

  • Effectiveness of integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum
  • 21st competencies and the new literacies
  • 21st Century education from a global perspective
  • The power of story for personal and professional transformation
  • The Story Model and Concentric storying.
  • Narrative, development and lifelong learning
  • Educational reform
  • Innovative educational practices (integrated curriculum, assessment for learning, instructional strategies) collaboration
  • Narrative research
  • Action research (living educational theory)
  • Self­ study

Recent Invited Presentations

Drake, S. M. & Reid, J. L. (2022, March 8). Interdisciplinary curriculum and 21st century competencies. [Invited presentation to research group EVA2020]. University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

Drake, S. M. (2021, Nov. 13). Curriculum innovation, 21st century skills and the new story. [Keynote]. Third International Conference of Educational Research. Izmir Democracy University, Izmir, Turkey.

Drake, S. M. & Reid, J. L. (2021, Nov. 5). Education in the time of COVID and a new story. [Keynote]. The Ninth International Congress of Curriculum and Instruction, EGE University, Bornova, Turkey.

Drake, S. M., & Reid, J. L., (2021, August 9). Integrated curriculum. [Webinar with Amiria Stirling – Raranga Matihiko Mentor / Learning Specialist, National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa]. Wellington, NZ.

Drake, S. M. (2021, April 20).  An interview with Chenkai Chi. JCACS Curriculum Beyond Borders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXyi-m2f-58.

Drake, S. M. & Reid, J. L. (2020, Dec. 12). Integrated Curricula with Susan Drake and Joanne Reid. [Invited presentation as a podcast]. Inside Education: Teaching and Teacher Education Programme 411, Ireland. http://seandelaney.com/ and https://insideeducation.podbean.com/e/podcast411-curriculum-integration-19-12-20/

Drake, S. M. (2020, Sept. 26). The new story of higher education and language teaching. Deep learning toward literacy. [Keynote]. Interdisciplinary Integration Teaching Conference, Shanghai Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

Drake, S. M., Reid, J. L., Bui, T. A. & Manley-Casimir, M. (2019, Nov. 1). Invited presentation. Exploring the new story of education. University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, Ho Chi Min City. Viet Nam.

Drake, S. (2019, Nov. 1). Curriculum Integration using the Story Model. [Keynote]. Curriculum integration from diverse perspectives. East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.

Drake, S.M. (2018, June 12). Training creative Korean education students. Invited presentation research group. University of Seoul. Seoul, Korea.

Drake, S.M. (2016, Dec 14) Curriculum integration and 21st Century education [Keynote] Worldwide education. Creativity, character and integrated curriculum Conference. University of Kyungpook, Daegu, Korea.

Recent Articles  

Drake, S. M. (In press). Preface for Korean translation of Drake. S. M., Reid, J. L., & Kolohon, W. (2014). Interweaving curriculum and classroom assessment Engaging students for the 21st century. Oxford University Press.

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Drake, S. M., Reid, J. L.  & Savage M. J. (2021). Rethinking the systematic review as the gold standard for interdisciplinary topics. Thinking now,1(1), 27-42.

Drake, S. M. & Reid, J. L. (2021). Thinking now: Transdisciplinary thinking as a    disposition. Academia Letters, Article 387. https://doi.org/10.20935/AL387.

Drake, S. M. & Reid, J. L. (2021, May 27). The story model: Empowering students to create their future. Education Canada. https://ww w.edcan.ca/articles/the-story-model/

Drake, S. M. & Reid, J. L. (2020). 21st Century competencies in light of the history of integrated curriculum. In “Rethinking what has been rethought consistently over the millennia: A global perspective on the future of education”. Frontiers Education Policy and Practice, 5(122), 1-10.  doi: 10.3389/feduc.2020.00122. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/feduc.2020.00122/full

Drake, S. M. (2020). Chapter 1: The place of integrated curriculum in the new story of education. In Wang, Tao., & Zhang, Wei. (Eds.). Duoyuan shijiao xia de kecheng zhenghe [Curriculum integration from diverse perspectives], (pp. 3-16). Shanghai: East China Normal University Press. ISBN 978-7-5760-0877-7.

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Drake, S. M., & Reid, J. L. (2018). Integrated curriculum as an effective way to teach 21st Century capabilities. Asia Pacific Journal of Educational Research,1(1), 31-50. https://doi.org/10.0000/APJER.2018.1.1.031

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Selected Books

Drake, S.M., Reid, J.L. & Kolohon, W. (2014). Interweaving curriculum and assessment: Engaging students in the 21st Century. Toronto, On: Oxford University Press.

Drake, S. M. (2012). Creating standards-based integrated curriculum: Common core edition. 3rd Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

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Drake, S. (1993).  Planning for integrated curriculum:  The call to adventure.  Alexandria, VA:  Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Drake, S., Bebbington, J., Laksman, S., Mackie, P., Maynes, N., & Wayne, L.  (1992). Developing an integrated curriculum using the story model.  Toronto, ON:  OISE Press.

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2015 – Global evaluation for the PYP for International Baccalaureate schools. With Michael Savage

  • EDUC DS1 – Doctoral Seminar 1
  • EDUC DS2 – Doctoral Seminar 2
  • EDUC 5P42 Innovative curriculum and assessment
  • EDUC 5P33 Development, Lifelong learning and Meaning Making
  • EDUC  4P17: Integrating Curriculum and Assessment
  • EDUC 4P18:  Integrating Curriculum and Assessment
  • EDUC  4P19:  Foundations of the Curriculum and Assessment
  • EDUC  4P27:  Twenty-First-Century Literacies Across the Curriculum
  • EDUC 4P28:  Twenty-First-Century Literacies Across the Curriculum