Dr. Sheila Bennett

Professor (EdD)

Department of Educational Studies

Dr. Sheila Bennett, Faculty of Education, Brock University

St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH105
905 688 5550 x4584

Professionally, Dr. Sheila Bennett has worked as a classroom and special education teacher, school board resource person and faculty member.

She has been active in the field of special education for many years and has been involved in policy and research in the field. Author and co- author on numerous works including Special Education in Ontario Schools and Including Students with Exceptionalities, Sheila has dedicated her career to working with educators and students in her chosen field.

  • Inclusion
  • Special education policy
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Service integration for students in diverse classrooms
  • Differentiated programming

Books and Monographs

Bennett, S., Gallagher, T., Somma, M., with Dworet, D. (2019). Special education in Ontario schools (8th Ed.)

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Project (ONF): School reintegration for children and youth with acquired brain injury. Research Report. (2015). Good, D., Rumney, P., McDougall, J., DeMatteo, C., McKeever, P., Guerriere, D., Bennett, S., Martinussen, R., DeCourville, N., McCormick, A., Loyst, S., Wilcock, R., Kumpf, J. Report submitted to ONF.

Bennett, S., & Gallagher, T. (2012). Community Living Ontario’s Community Inclusion Initiative Report on the Delivery of Education Services for Students Who Have an Intellectual Disability in the Province of Ontario.  Ontario Association for Community Living.

Chapters in Books

(accepted) Bennett, S., Gallagher T., Somma, M., White, R. & Woldczyk, K (2020) Transitioning from segregation to inclusion: An effective and sustainable model to promote inclusion through internal staffing adjustments and role redefinition.

Bennett, S, Sabin, M & Chadwick, C (2019) Jake’s Story.  In Calder-Stegemann K. & Aucoin A. Inclusive Education:  Stories of Success and Hope in a Canadian Context. Pearson.

Gallagher, T., & Bennett S. (2015). A Canadian Perspective on the Inclusion of Students with Intellectual Disabilities in High Schools. In R. Craven, A. Morin, P. Parker & D. Tracey (Eds.) Inclusive Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities. Information Age Publishing.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Bennett, S. (2020) Rethinking the Familiar: It Is Not About Changing Our Actions, It Is About Changing Our Thinking. Exceptionality Education International, 30, 19-31. Retrieved from https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/eei/vol30/iss2/4

Bennett, S., Specht, J., Somma, M.,  White, R. (2020)  Navigating School Interactions: Parents of Students with Intellectual Disabilities Speak Out.
Current Developmental Disorders Reports, 2020-09, Vol.7 (3), p.149-154

 Somma, M., & Bennett, S. (2020). Inclusive education and pedagogical change: Experiences from the front lines. International Journal of Educational Methodology, 6(2), 285-295. https://doi.org/10.12973/ijem.6.2.285

Ismailos, L,. Gallagher, T,. Bennett, S. & Li, X. (2019)Pre-Service and In-service Teacher’s Attitudes and Self Efficacy Beliefs with Regard to Teacher Education International Journal of Inclusive Educationdoi.org/10.1080/13603116.2019.1642402

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Gallagher, T.L. & Bennett, S. (2018). The six ‘P’ model: Principles of coaching for inclusion. International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education. 7 (1), 19-34.

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Gallagher, T., Keen, D., Bennett, S., & Muspratt, S. (2017) Examining Learner engagement strategies: Australian and Canadian teachers’ self-report. Teacher Education and Special Education 40(1) 51-56. doi: 10.1177/0888406416654213

Bennett, S. (2016).  Coaching: a school boards transition into inclusion.  Journal of Research in Special Education Needs (16) 897-899. doi: 10.1111/1471-3802.12347_001_050

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Specht, J., McGhie-Richmond, D., Loreman, T., Mirenda, P., Bennett, S., Gallagher, T., Young, G., Metsala, J., Aylward, L., Katz, J., Lyons, W., Thompson, S., & Cloutier, S. (2015). Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms: Efficacy and Beliefs of Canadian Preservice Teachers. International Journal of Inclusive Education 20(1). 1-15. doi 10.1080/13603116.2015.1059501.

External Grants

December 2019
SSHRC Individual Partnership Grant
Dr. Monigue Somma Shanno (PI) Sheila Bennett (Collaborator)
Grant: 24,202
Title: Examining and Developing Inclusive Education Practices in a Montessori School All

November 2018
Ontario Community Living (Directed Funding)
Dr. Monique Somma (PI) Dr. Sheila Dennett; Dr. Tiffany Gallagher & Dr. Deborah Harwood
Grant: 20,000
Title: Rethinking Inclusion in a Montessori Classroom

September 2017
Ontario Community Living (Directed Funding) through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada – Social Development Partnership Program Disability Component
With: Specht, J; Bennett S. (co PIs) Somma, M. & Li, X.
Grant: $40,000.
Title: Community Inclusion Initiative “Why not Me”

September 2017
Research contribution Avon Maitland District School Board (Directed Funding)
With: Bennett, S. (PI), Gallagher, T. Somma, M.
Grant: $28,319.07
Title: The Avon Maitland District School Board Inclusion Coaching Project

September 2017
Ontario Ministry of Education
With: (Listed Alphabetically) from UOTTAWA – Dalley, Dionne, Dulude, Maclure, Moreau, Whitley: Partners from across Ontario Bennett, Blackstock, de Castell, Gallagher, Hughes, Kehler, Llewellyn, Niblett, Pendleton Jimenez, Robertson, Smith, Specht
Grant: $975,000
Title: KNAER Knowledge Network for Equity

September 2017
Ontario Ministry of Education
With: Campbell, W., Missiuna, C. (co-PIs), Pollock, N., Kyte, C., Bennett, S., Rivard, L., Specht, J., & McCauley, D. (2017-2019).
Grant: $659,857
Title: Synthesizing knowledge and developing an Implementation Toolkit to support delivery of Integrated Rehabilitation Services

January 2017
Centre for Leadership in Acquired Brain Injury, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital Foundation
With: Dr. Shannon Scratch, (PI) Christine Provvidenza, Knowledge Translation Specialist, Dr. Sara Stevens, Alicia Brown, Dr. Anne Hunt, Sara Dietrich, Linda Ward,. Dr. Sheila Bennett, Dr. Dawn Good, Ruth Wilcox.
Grant: $20,000
Title: Supporting students by enhancing educator knowledge about acquired brain injury

July 2016
FRQSC Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture (FQRSC)  Programme: Actions concertées–Programme de recherche sur la perseverance et la réussite scolaires
With: Camden, C., (PI), PI: Co-applicants : Bonneau, Lynda; Corbeil, Sylvie; Doré, Caroline; Fiset, Annie; Hétu, Mathieu; Ismail, Karina; Lauzon, Eric; Patella,Silvia; Richards Kelso, Gail; Tousignant, Michel; Young, Heather; Co- investigators : Anaby, Dana; Bennett, Sheila; Bonnard, Madeleine; Campbell,Wenonah; Hui, Caroline; Kalubi, Jean-Claude; Missiuna, Cheryl; Morin, Marie- France; Nadeau, Marie-France; Shaw, Steven
Grant: $212,407
Title:  Projet OR : Optimiser les Rôles des acteurs du milieu éducatif pour mieux soutenir les élèves handicapés ou en difficultés d’adaptation ou d’apprentissage

July 2016
SSHRC Insight Development Grant
With: Steve Sydor (PI) Maich, K., Specht, J., AcCoin, A., Bennett, S., Loreman, T., MeGie-Richmond, D.
Grant: $43,726
Title:  Exploring principal leadership for inclusion of students with special education needs in Canadian schools

June 2016
Research contribution Avon Maitland District School Board (Directed Funding)
With:  Bennett, S. (PI), Gallagher, T.
Grant: $15,000
Title:  The Avon Maitland District School Board Inclusion Coaching Project

April 2016
Ontario Ministry of Education and Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services
With: Missiuna, C., Levinson, A.(Co-PIs), Campbell, W., Pollock, N., Gaines, Bennett, S; R., & Hecimovich, C.
Grant: $299,931
Title:  Health Professional Online Training: Development of Educational Materials to Facilitate Provision of Integrated Rehabilitation Services.

February 2016
Central West Community Care Access Centres
With: Missiuna, C. (PI), Campbell, W., Pollock, N., Camden, C., Bennett,
S., Gaines, R., & Cairney, J.
Grant: $59, 913.52
Title: Development of Proposals and Dissemination of Results of           Partnering for Change.

October 2015
Central West and Hamilton-Niagara-Haldimand-Brant Community Care Access Centres
With:  Missiuna, C. (PI), Campbell, W., Pollock, N., Bennett, S., Camden, C., Gaines, R., McCauley, D., & Cairney, J.
Grant: $56,139
Title:  Dissemination of Results of Partnering for Change

June 2015
Research contribution Avon Maitland District School Board (Directed Funding)
With:  Bennett, S. (PI), Gallagher, T., Somma, M., Shuttleworth, M., & Wlodarczyk, K.
Grant: $15,000
Title:  The Avon Maitland District School Board Inclusion Coaching Project

April 2015
SSHRC Insight Grant
With:  Specht, J. (PI), Alyward, L., Bennett, S., Gallagher, T., Maich, K., Loreman, T., Thomson, R., Penney, S., Flanagan, T., Hutchinson, N., Freeman, J., Nowocki, E., Calder Stegeman, K. & Aucoin, A.
Grant: $488,800
Title:  The Development of Inclusive Practices for Beginning Teachers

March 2015
Ontario Ministry of Education
With: Missiuna (PI), C. Hecimovich (Principal Knowledge User), S. Bennett, W. Campbell, N. Pollock, C. Camden, R. Gaines, D. McCauley, J. Cairney.
Grant: $199,810
Title:  Partnering for Change: An innovative service with relevance to the Special Needs Strategy

January 2015
Fonds de Recherche Société et Culture de Québec (FRQSC)
With:  D. Anaby; Co-PI: C. Camden; Co-Invesitigators: S. Shaw, JC. Kalubi, C. Missiuna, W. Campbell, S. Bennett; Collaborators: M. Bonnard, C. Hui, G. Kelso, L. Bonneau & E. Lauzon.
Grant: $59,233
Title:  Comment organiser les services pour mieux soutenir les élèves handicapés ou en difficulté d’adaptation ou d’appretissage (HDDA): Principes et stratégies efficaces