Dr. Sandra Della Porta

Assistant Professor (PhD, MA, BA (Hons))

Available for Graduate Advisement

Office: WH165
905 688 5550 x5558

Dr. Della Porta has a multidisciplinary background in Psychology and Education, specializing in early childhood. In combination with her experience working with children from infancy to school-age, she has built a research program studying children’s learning during formal and informal interactions in unstructured contexts (e.g., play, conflict, routine exchanges). Her central focus is on the study of social power and how children understand and use it in everyday experiences. Studying the concept of social power has many implications, including building knowledge concerning children’s agency and assertiveness, interpreting how children learn concepts of equity and fairness, understanding the role that social power plays in the learning process, and gaining insight into children’s social and cultural knowledge. 

  • Social power and power dynamics  
  •  Informal learning contexts (e.g., family exchanges, teacher-child interactions, social play) 
  • Social-cognition in early childhood  
  • The teaching and learning process 
  • Social relationships and family dynamics 


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Howe, N., Della Porta, S., Recchia, H., Funamoto, A., & Ross, H. (2015). ‘This bird can’t do it ‘cause this bird doesn’t swim in water’: Sibling teaching during naturalistic home observations in early childhood. Journal of Cognition and Development, 16, 314-332. doi:10.1080/15248372.2013.848869 

  • 2020 MITACS & Brock University Research Training Award ($6,000) 
  • 2020 Match of Minds Program Award, Office of Research Services, Brock University ($5,000) 
  • 2019 Research & Development Funding, Faculty of Education, Brock University ($1,000) 
  • 2019 Match of Minds Program Award, Office of Research Services, Brock University ($5,000) 
  • 2019-2020 Graduate Research Assistant Development Fund, Faculty of Education, Brock University ($1,500) 
  • 2018-2019 Graduate Research Assistant Development Fund, Faculty of Education, Brock University ($1,500) 
  • 2015 Match of Minds Program Award, Office of Research Services, Brock University ($4,500) 
  • EDUC 5Q97 Culminating Seminar in Education 
  • EDUC 5P31 Families, Schools and Learning  
  • EDUC 5P85 Reflective Practice  
  • EDUC 3P40 Family, Schools and Literacy  
  • EDUC 3P52 Early Childhood Education II  
  • EDUC 3P53 Ethics, Research and Care  
  • EDUC 3P85 Internship I 
  • EDUC 3P95 Advanced School-Based Internship 
  • EDUC 4D50 Early Childhood Education Honours Thesis 
  • EDUC 4P24 Literacy in the Early Years  
  • EDUC 4P35 Global Education: A Cross-Curricular Approach EDUC 3P50 Early Childhood Education I 
  • EDUC 4P80 Research Methods in Education 
  • EDUC  4P85 Internship II