Dr. Renee Kuchapski

Associate Professor and Chair, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Full Advisement Load: Contact for Availability for Graduate Advisement

PhD, MEd, B.Ed., B.A.A. 

St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH 367
905 688 5550 x4301

  • EDUC 5P60: Constructions of Organizations 
  • EDUC 5P62: Policy, Power, and Politics in Education 
  • EDUC 5P63: The Accountability Challenge in Education 
  • EDUC 5Q97: Culminating Seminar in Educational Studies
  • Educational policy 
  • The politics of education 
  • Neoliberalism 
  • Life history research

Canadian Association of Educational Administration 

Canadian Society for the Study of Education 

American Educational Research Association 

International Society for Teacher Education  

Professional A Teaching Certificate, Saskatchewa

Rigas, B. & Kuchapski, R. (2016). Strengthening Ontario universities: A neoliberal 

reconstruction of higher education. Canadian Journal of Educational 

Administration and Policy, (180) 20, 47-70. 


Rigas, B. & Kuchapski, R. (upcoming). Educating pre-service teachers in a neoliberal 

era: Specialized technicians or public intellectuals?” Alberta Journal of 

Educational Research.  

Title of Project: Neoliberal discourse in Teacher Education. Funding: Graduate Research Assistant Development Fund, 2016. 

Title of Project: Accountability Discourse in Higher Education: A Review of Policy Documents; Funding: Graduate Research Assistant Development Fund, December 2014.