Dr. Michael Savage

Associate Professor (PhD), Department Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education

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St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH 366
905 688 5550 x6183

Dr. Savage has a diverse educational background that spans both education and clinical psychology. Earning a Bachelor of Education degree in 2003, Michael is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) who spent five years teaching in the junior/intermediate division in Ontario public schools.

While teaching he earned a Master of Education degree, focusing his studies heavily in the area of educational psychology.

While earning his doctorate in Counseling and Clinical School Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, Dr. Savage worked with children, adolescents and adults who struggled with mental health issues in a variety of settings including schools, residential treatment centers, college counseling centers, outpatient community mental health clinics, and inpatient hospital units in both Canada and the United States.

While earning both his Master’s and Doctoral degrees Michael taught undergraduate and graduate students in university settings. His experiences as both an educator and clinician have not only shaped his pedagogy and teaching and learning philosophy but also his world view. He believes every student, no matter how great their challenges, has the potential to succeed at something in life.

  • EDUC 5P45
  • EDUC 5P47
  • EDUC 5P99
  • EDUC 4P17
  • EDUC 4P18
  • EDUC 4P19
  • EDUC 4P27
  • EDUC 4P28
  • EDUC 4P29
  • Callous-Unemotional/Psychopathic Traits
  • Designing and Using Innovative Curriculum as Intervention for Learning Disabilities and Disruptive Behaviour Disorders
  • Mental Health Issues in Educational Settings
  • Special Education Issues, 21st Century Classroom Assessment and Pedagogy

Savage, M. J., & DiBiase, A-M. (under review). Personality and neuropsychological features of highly aggressive adolescent girls. The Journal of School Psychology.

Savage, M. J.& DiBiase, A-M. (2014). Multivariate and mixture distribution Rasch models. In T. Hastie and R. Tibshirani (Eds.), An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis: Data Mining and Inference. Dordrect, Netherlands: Springer.