Dr. Louis Volante

Professor (PhD)

Available for Graduate Advisement

Louis Volante

Hamilton, ON
Office: HAM 9B
905 547 3555 x3621

Louis Volante (Ph.D.) is a Professor of Education at Brock University and an Affiliated Researcher at UNU-MERIT, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, in the Netherlands. Professor Volante is currently President-Elect for the Canadian Educational Researchers’ Association (CERA). His research, which is widely disseminated and cited by scholars around the world, is focused on the global governance of education, comparative policy analysis, international achievement studies, socioeconomic inequality and student achievement, migrant integration and student outcomes, and educational reform and innovation. Dr. Volante was recently featured as an educational change expert by the American Educational Research Association (AERA) within their Lead the Change Series – Issue 72. Louis serves on various advisory boards for academic journals and scholarly associations. He consults with governments, professional organizations, and universities around the world. With over 100 research manuscripts and reports, that include national and international contexts, Professor Volante is recognized as a leading scholar in educational policy analysis.

Current Funded Research

Principal Investigator, Immigrant Student Achievement and Education Policy: A Pan-Canadian Analysis
Collaborators: Dr. Don Klinger (Queen’s University) | Dr. Melissa Siegel (Maastricht University)
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) [Years: 2017-2022]

Graduate Education

  • EDUC 5P62: Politics, Power, and Policy in Education
  • EDUC 5P72: Effecting Change in Education
  • EDUC 5P77: Learning in Organizations

Teacher Education

  • EDUC 8P71: Student Assessment, Practice and Policy
  • EDUC 8P77: Teaching, Research, and Education Inquiry

Edited Books

Volante, L., Klinger, D., & Bilgili, O. (Eds.). (forthcoming). Immigrant Student Achievement and Education Policy: Cross-Cultural Approaches. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer [ISBN: 978-3-319-74062-1].

Volante, L. (Ed.) (2017). The PISA Effect on Global Educational Governance. New York, NY: Routledge [ISBN: 978-1-138-21741-6].

Volante, L. (Ed.) (2016). The Intersection of International Achievement Testing and Education Policy: Global Perspectives on Large-Scale Reform. New York, NY: Routledge Press [ISBN: 978-1-138-93651-5].

 Articles in Refereed Journals

Volante, L., Fazio, X., & Ritzen, J. (2017). The OECD and educational policy reform: International surveys, governance, and policy evidence. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, 184, 34-48. Full text [online]: https://journalhosting.ucalgary.ca/index.php/cjeap

Volante, L., Klinger, D., Bilgili, O., & Siegel, M. (2017). Making sense of the performance (dis)advantage for immigrant students across Canada. Canadian Journal of Education, 40(3), 329-361.

Volante, L., & Ritzen, J. (2016). The European Union, education governance, and international education surveys. Policy Futures in Education, 14(7), 988-1004.

Morgan, C., & Volante, L. (2016). A review of the OECD’s international education surveys: Governance, human capital discourses, and policy debates. Policy Futures in Education, 14(6), 775-792.

DeLuca, C. & Volante, L. (2016). Assessment for learning in teacher education programs: Navigating the juxtaposition of theory and praxis. Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education, 20(1), 19-31.

 Articles in Professional Journals

Volante, L., Klinger, D., Bilgili, O., & Siegel, M. (2017). The immigrant (dis)advantage: Addressing student achievement gaps (web exclusive). Education Canada. Full text [online]: http://www.cea-ace.ca/education-canada/article/immigrant-disadvantage

Volante, L. (2016). International organizations and educational reform. Education Canada, 56(3), 41-43.

Other Publications

AERA Educational Change SIG (2017). Lead the Change Series – Q&A with Louis Volante (Issue No. 72). Washington, DC: Author. Full text [online]: http://www.aera.net/SIG155/Lead-the-Change-Series.

Volante, L., Klinger, D., Siegel, M., & Bilgili, O. (2017). Immigrant youth help to build nations. The Conversation. Full text [online]: http://theconversation.com/immigrant-youth-help-to-build-nations-79092