Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters

Professor (PhD, MA), Department of Educational Studies

Available for graduate advisement.

Associate Professor Kari-Lynn Winters shows off the cover of her recent children’s book French Toast.

St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH 378
905 688 5550 x5494

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters is a Professor at Brock University, where she teaches drama-in-education, dance-in-education, and language arts to teacher candidates. She holds a PhD from UBC in literacy education and the arts, a teaching degree from University of Toronto, and a BA and a certificate in drama/theater from Brock University and the National Theatre School of Canada. Her research interests include: authorship as assemblage, body image, embodied pedagogies, children’s literature, drama, and multimodal literacies. Kari-Lynn is also an award-winning children’s author, scholar, playwright, and performer.

  • Embodied pedagogies
  • Authorship as assemblage
  • Body image
  • Children’s literature
  • Drama/Dance and the arts in education
  • Multimodal Authorship
  • Arts integration
  • Literacy
  • Teacher education
  • Embodied literacies
  • Critical positioning
  • Immigrant education
  • Mental Health

Profession Accreditation

  • OCT certificate with Drama and Dance Specialist; Special Education Specialist
  • ECE

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre
  • International Literacy Association
  • Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators, and Performers
  • Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada
  • Writer’s Union of Canada

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Winters, KL., Griffin, S., Vietgen, P., McQueen-Fuentes, G., McLauchlan, D., & Rowsell, J. (In Press) “Communities and constructions of zones: Inclusions of diverse learners through artistry and literacy.”  In Andrews, B. (Ed.) Perspectives on arts education research in Canada. 

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Winters, KL. (In Press). Behind the scenes: A Children’s book publishing assemblage. Teaching and Learning.

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St. Kateri/NCDSB/Niagara Conservation Authority Storywalk (2018-2019)
Source/Type: Dean’s Discretionary Fund (Co-researcher with Dr. Joe Barrett)
Amount: $1,500

Independent Study-EDUC 5P98 (2017-2018)
Source/Type: Experiential Course Development Grant
Amount: $1706

Festival of Readers (2017-2018)
Source/Type: Writers’ Union of Canada
Amount: $1,000

Painting on the Walls of the Cave: Building Inter-Cultural Understandings Through Artistry  (2017-2018)
Source/Type: Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Co-investigator with Dr. Snezana Ratkovic
Amount: $2,280

Public Readings Grant (2016-2017)
Source/Type: Writers’ Union of Canada
Amount: $5,000

Mapping Futures: Building Capacity through Arts-Based Approaches to Literacy (2016-2017)
Source/Type: Cochrane Foundation Grant, Co-investigator with Dr. Jennifer Rowsell (PI)
Amount: $20,000

  • PJI Drama Education (Concurrent) EDUC 8P33 and EDUC 8P23
  • PJI Drama Education (Consecutive) EDBE 8P48 and EDBE 8P58
  • PJI Dance Education (Consecutive) EDBE 8P48 and EDBE 8P58
  • PJ Language Arts (Concurrent) EDUC 8P30
  • PJ Language Arts (Consecutive) EDBE 8P34