Dr. Kamini Jaipal-Jamani

Professor (PhD), Department of Educational Studies

Not available for graduate advisement.

Dr. Kamini Jaipal-Jamani, Faculty of Education, Brock University

St. Catharines, ON
Office: WH 269
905 688 5550 x4739

Kamini Jaipal-Jamani is a faculty member in Science Education. She obtained her MEd at Western University and her PhD at UBC. Her research and writing focuses on science teaching and learning, technology integration, and teacher professional development. She has conducted research on relationships between language and science, implementation of video games and blogs in K-12 science instruction, gamification and the development of TPACK knowledge in teacher education. Her current program of research involves an examination of the use of robotics to promote science learning and computational thinking in K-12 and teacher education contexts. She is currently on the journal editorial board for Athens Journal of Education and Brock Education Journal and is a Lead Editor for the international journal, Cultural Studies in Science Education.

Papers presented at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) conference have received outstanding paper (2015) and best paper (2014 and 2011) awards. She was also the recipient of the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching at Brock in 2017.

Teacher Education Program

  • EDBE 8P27/EDUC 8Y27: Junior/Intermediate Science Methods
  • EDBE 8P37/EDUC 8Y37: Primary/Junior Science Methods
  • EDBE 8Y43: Teaching, Research & Education Inquiry.
  • EDUC 8D09: Principles/Practices for Professional Certification

Graduate Programs

  • EDUC 5P92: Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDUC 7D80: Comprehensive Portfolio (PhD)
  • EDUC 5K95: Thesis in Educational Studies (MEd)
  • EDUC 5D91: Major Research Paper in Educational Studies MRP (MEd)
  • Curriculum and instruction in Science Education, STEM
  • Teaching and learning with technology, TPACK
  • Language aspects and science learning
  • Research Methodologies: qualitative, survey & mixed methods, discourse analysis, action research
  • Teaching and learning in science
  • Semiotics perspectives in science discourse
  • Technology integration in science education
  • TPACK in teacher education
  • Teacher professional development through action research

Books/Chapters in Edited Books 

Angeli, C., & Jaipal-Jamani, K. (in press). Teaching computational thinking in preservice teacher education with scaffolded programming scripts in educational robotics activities. In L. Leping & D. Gibson (Eds.), Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2017.

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Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals 

Jaipal-Jamani, K., & Angeli, C. (2017). Effect of Robotics on Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Self-Efficacy, Science Learning, and Computational Thinking. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 26(2), 175-192.

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Research Reports

Sinay, E., Jaipal-Jamani, K., Nahornick, A., & Douglin, M. (2016). STEM teaching and learning in the Toronto District School Board: Towards a strong theoretical foundation and scaling up from initial implementation of the K-12 STEM strategy. Research Series I. (Research Report No. 15/16-16) 200pp. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto District School Board.

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Mgombelo, J., & Jaipal, K. (2010). Mathematics professional learning through collaborative action research: Three case studies. 49 pp. Prepared for the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.