Dr. Hilary Brown

Associate Professor (PhD)

Contact for Availability for Graduate Advisement

Hilary Brown outside South Block at Brock University

St. Catharines ON
905 688 5550 x3475

Hilary Brown is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies at Brock University.  She is the recipient of the 2017 Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Most recently she developed the central course for the new enhanced teacher education program that guides teacher candidates to become culturally responsive educators.  Hilary uses duoethnography as a pedagogical tool to encourage her students to delve deeply into the self in order to both expose as well as reconcile their vulnerabilities around the concept of diversity.

  • Using duoethnography as a pedagogical tool to promote deep reflection
  • Invitational and Holistic teaching practices
  • Using Duoethnography as a reflection of social justice and a method to advance it
  • Teaching for transformation through constructivism
  • OCT – Ontario College of Teachers
  • IAIE – International Alliance for Invitational Education
  • AERA – American al Research Association
  • CSSE – Canadian Society for the Study of Education

Chapters in books

Brown, H. (2016). Two theories in attunement: An invitational and holistic approach. In S. T. Gregory & J. Edwards (Eds.), Invitational education and practice in higher education: An international perspective (pp. 83-103). New York: Lexington Books.

Brown, H. & Barrett, J. (2016).  Duoethnography as a pedagogical tool that encourages deep reflection.   In J. Norris, R. D. Sawyer (Eds.), Theorizing Curriculum Studies, Teacher Education and Research through Duoethnographic Pedagogy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Brown, H. & Hamilton, H. (2016). Going Beneath the Surface: What is Teaching for Diversity Anyway? In H. Brown, R. Sawyer, & J. Norris (Eds.) Forms of Practitioner Reflexivity: Critical, Conversational, and Arts-Based Approaches. New York: Palgrave Macmillan

Brown, H. & Sawyer, S. (2016). Dialogic Reflection: An Exploration of its Embodied, Imaginative, and Reflexive Dynamic. In H. Brown, R. Sawyer, & J. Norris (Eds.) Forms of Practitioner Reflexivity: Critical, Conversational, and Arts-Based Approaches. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Papers in Referred Journals

Brown, H. (2019). Found Poetry: Reimagining what is present and what is absent through the journals of her life. Cultural Studies ó Critical methodologies Special Issue: Embodying Moral Discourses through Arts-Based Methodologies: Poetry, Visual Arts, Movement, Sounds, and Performance.

Brown, H. & Docherty-Skippen, S. M. (2018). Floating on the surface, delving beneath, & letting go: A poetic currere exchange.  Currere Exchange Journal. 2(1), 25-29.

Brown, H. & D. Mogadime (2017). Advocacy for diversity begins with the self: Unleashing silenced stories a duoethnographic account.  Understanding and Dismantling Privilege. 7(2), 15-38.

Docherty-Skippen, S. M. & H. Brown. (2017).  Challenging the status quo: The evolution of the supervisor-student relationship in the process of stigmatizing and emotionally complex autoethnographic research.  Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies. 15(1), 54-71

Brown, H. (2016b). Moments of Intersectionality: Moving Invitational theory into practice through a constructivist approach. Journal of Invitational Theory and Practice. 22, 48-67.

Brown, H. (2015).  Still learning after three studies: From ontology to epistemology. International Review of Qualitative Research, 8(1), 127–143.

Barrett, J., & Brown, H. (2014). From leaning comes meaning: Informal comentorship and the second-career academic in education.  The Qualitative Report. 19(73), 1-15. http://www.nova.edu.ssss/QR/QR19/barrett73.pdf

Enhanced Teacher Education Program (Two-Year)

2014-Present – EDBE 8F01 – Teaching in the Ontario Context

  • EDBE 8Y02 – Field Placement for P/J/I Teaching in the Ontario Context
  • EDBE 8P02 – Integrated Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

2015-Present     EDBE 8P40 – Professional Collaborative Community

  • EDBE 8P41 – Field Placement for P/J/I Teaching in the Ontario Context